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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Samkio, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Is that a sing block of wood floating in air, or a really massive detailed "tree" over a river?!
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    Both and neither at the same time.
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    You happen to fiddle with any tree's at all?
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    Will it be possible to add our custom creations made with Techne ?
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    An amazing Minecraft modeling program. Google it.
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    Would love to help dev this :D
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    Moar Tree's I'll get working on them when I can..
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    If you need any extra dev help or building Just pm me.
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    WOW! Why haven't I heard of this before¿ I've been looking for a long time for somehing that adds items and ores :) i'm following this, and i can't wait for release
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    omg, you are too good !
    i think i like this plugin!
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    So you're basically going for what Spout devs intend to do, but using the stuff they already got implemented? Awesome, should be sooner, putting you on the watch :)
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    Spout doesn't support custom Entities yet.
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    MoarStuph will add new mobs before custom Entities are supported. :3
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    how's that possible if they are not supported?

    also, how did you learn java?
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    To both your questions:

    But seriously:
    I had an idea on how to add new mobs into the game. You'll have to wait and see how it is done. :p
    I'll hint: New mobs such as, Boars, Ducks, Rats possibly Bears etc.

    And how did i learn Java? I just knew it. :S
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    Samkio is just that pro. :cool:
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    Are you creating a addon to add mobs¿

    There's a selection cube around it, its a floating block. :)

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    Nope no addon required.
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    How will we render them then? ;S

    EDIT: This is custom mobs with their own AI, health drops etc. (Not your skin hack xD)
    Also go on skype some time...
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    I am on skype xD I'm on it now. I need to invite you into the skype chat. You need to add me. :3
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    I need mb's skype too. You guys aren't in IRC anymore so the communication been blah lately :/
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    Have you added me? I can add you to the skype convo then.
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    You can add me too <3; since we stopped using IRC
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    Can you please release a Dev. build¿ I want to see how far this plugin is already finished :D
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    So I heard Spout updated so you can continue development on this......

    NOPE. Chuck Testa.
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    Souns just like different skins ;D
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    Will this be compatible with GuildCraft¿ I see the silver ore has the same texture as the silver ore in Guildcraft.
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    I've re-textured all the ores to be very unique and different then what is posted there. So you don't need to worry about texture clashing with any existing ore modifying plugins from what I've seen to date.
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    But can the silver ores generated by GuildCraft be used to craft items or blocks of this plugin¿
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