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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by narrowtux, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Showcase 2 v 2.0a1
    This is a complete rewrite of the popular Showcase economy plugin.

    Announcement (see what will change)
    GitHub (look at the source)
    Jenkins builds (download nightly builds there)
    Status of the project (google docs spreadsheed with fancy progress bar)

    If you want groundbreaking changes, suggest them quickly so I can influence my early development.

    I'm also happy about code contributions or plugins!
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    This is great! So all existing bugs will be fixed now? If so, I'm definitely re-installing this one.

    EDIT: I would love to see limits on the amounts of items a player can buy from a showcase. In other words, a player would only be able to buy a certain amount of items within a set amount of time. This way the economy of servers would be more balanced and not hurt as badly as when there was an infinite stock readily available.
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    I'll setup a buy event which will be cancellable, so a plugin that does this can be made. My target is to put as less functionality as possible and instead provide more powerful API so external plugins can use it.
  4. Awesome.

    It would be cool to be able to bind showcases to a chest and then have the showcase cycle thru the items in the chest in a defined interval.
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    AWESOME! KEep it up.
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    Cool idea!
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    this is the right link of jenkins:

    http://ci.getspout.org/view/All/job/Showcase 2/

    ps: can you add compatibility with lwc? and add a function to buy a determinate quantity like chestshop: when i touch the shop he buy a determinate quantity who i've set and in chat write "you have buyed 64 stone for 20"

    and add a locale modifier like iconomy or chestshop
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    LWC compatibility as in protecting showcases? They're already protected because it saves who owns them.
    What's a locale modifier? For printing prices it uses the register method method.format(price) so it should print your configured currency name.
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    Very neat idea! This should absolutely be a new option!
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    A feature i would love to have included is the ability to link music to the slab and have a radius, so players could have shop music. So far for music I've had to setup worldguard and set the radius for the song to play, my personal thought process for individual slab selection for music would be the ability to do voice commentary on items in the game.
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    Noteblock music or Spout music?
    Anyway, a nice idea.

    Moved the status of the project to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AooMrLMmviTxdHQ1RW1BbkVCYURndTctMWlSOXhrWUE&hl=en_US

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  12. i'm happy to see that showcase is back on dev, it's a great shop plugin, especially for Role Play.
    i also see the come back of Spout GUI on the progress page :D

    can we have an approximate date for the first official release or is it too soon?
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    @Misa I don't think I can pull out some numbers at this state. As you may have seen, the project is already done 50%, but the stuff that bores me comes now :D Also, I want a super implementation for translation, and code a new plugin just for that ATM.
    When Permissions is integrated and the Shop showcase is finished, it should convince most of the users already.
  14. i'll translate it in French when the translation system is done ;)
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    This looks awesome, looking forward to it
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    Keep it as 1 plugin and improve the Assistance thing so it doesn't take up the entire screen?
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    Looking forward to this! Good luck!
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    Well, this is new. Looks like your Github and announcement are both 404'd though... I'm looking forward to iConomy6 support from you!
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    i can translate in italian u.u
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    I fixed Github link. The announcement works for me. Maybe a browser issue because there's a space in the filename.
  21. I check the spreadsheet too many times a day. Cannot wait for this one :D
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    Idea 1.
    How about making it possible to change the item you use to showcase on? Now it's standard slabs (half stones) but if we could change it so it would be able to show on a Pressureplate, we could make tables with the items on it.

    Idea 2.
    I'm not sure if it's possible but in case it is, i'm going to share it with you anyway.
    Maybe it's possible to scale the items shown on the Showcase? Scale to be set by the creator of the Showcase ofcourse. Imagen a showcase showing a huge Apple on top of a Supermarket!

    On a sidenote: Still plan to do anything with your Dropchest addon? Love that addon, made a very cool and handy storage magazin with it on my server. After a miningrun or something i drop everything in a dropbox and a cart comes to take it away and drops it in the correct chest.
    Same goes from my farms (wheat, sugarcane, cactus, spider) and generators (cobble and stone). Updated to Bukkit 1337 but forgot to check if it still works... will have to do that when i come home for sure.
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    DropChest is still working.
    First suggestion comes definitely.
    Second one would not be possible without a client mod.
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    Maybe possible through Spout? It's just a wild idea, not sure if it's worth the time spend on it (might be alot, i have no idea)

    Anyway, love your plugins and looking forward to showcase 2! :)
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    I'd be able to translate into the language Turkish.. There a few Turkish Minecraft servers out there.
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    It is possible through Spout ofc :D @Top_Cat implemented the TextureEntity for it so I could use that along with an image.
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    Installed Showcase 2 last night, around 4 am when nobody was online. It caused a memory leak, we had 4 people on and were using 4 gigs of RAM.
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    Sure that it was Showcase? How many showcases do you have? In my development, the JVM usually has about 700 MB of RAM used.
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    I havent even been able to get showcase2 to start on my 1337 server

    Love your work though, and your avvy, im a Linux user.
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