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    Well I'll say it even though it's pretty obvious but this is about a plugin that adds... you've guessed it, skills. Now the general idea of the plugin was to just create a load of skills to make the PvP aspect of minecraft more like RPG style PvP (without classes). In short there are skills for all types of weapons (including unarmed and wands) and there are also buffs that go along with armor. Both can be leveled up via training/using the skills/buffs. Simply put the reasoning for this post is because I'm always interested in what communities have to say about what I program and because it is the biggest project I've taken on so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.. or not your choice :p. The source can be found here for anyone willing to give their time to help me out. Now that that's been addressed there is one more thing I would like to discuss. I've been running a bit low on ideas for skills (not really but I would like to have more than I currently do) so any ideas would be greatly appreciated as well if you choose to help me (credit will be given to both those who help me improve the code and with the ideas. This, like all of my projects to date, is mainly for the purpose of learning. As a lot of programmers I know say "The best way to learn is to do" so I do. A list of the current ideas will be listed below and the organization of this post will be improved over time. Thank you for reading :D

    Currently how the plugin works is that you start by entering the /mcskills skills command and add the skills that you want to your item. After that point you are able to use and train these skills to 100. As they level up they become stronger until they reach the set max level. The skill is then able to be prestiged and the process repeats. The skills levels are stored outside of the item so you don't have to worry about losing your skill level when the item breaks, this also prevents people from selling/loaning/trading their levels. Eventually I intend to add a system which allows mobs to use these skills and make them generally stronger with random chances of find extremely powerful mobs. For the time being they will have no real purpose besides making the skills completely overpowering to the mobs.

    Weapon Skills:

    Arrow Storm - Rains down a storm of arrows around the player (Implemented)
    Arrow Burst - Releases a burst of arrows from the player's bow (Implemented)
    Armor Piercing - Arrows that ignore vanilla defense boosts (Planned)
    Homing Shot - Arrow follows target set by aiming (follows center of screen OR player lock on) (Planned)
    Gatling Shot - Continuous spray of weakened arrows (Planned)
    Volley Shot - Shoot at the ground and arrows will rain down from that location. (Planned)

    Wind Slash - Swing while doing something? (Releases a wind burst that hurts enemies) (Planned)
    Arrow Deflect - Swing while blocking to momentarily deflect all arrows (seems too defensive) (Prob Not)
    Lunge - Right click to jab doing double damage and move forward instead of blocking (Planned)

    Ground Shake - Smash ground for a small radius of damage around the player (Unsure)
    Berserk - Hits everything in a 2 block radius around you. (Unsure)

    Wand (Stick):
    Lightning - Strikes lightning on all nearby entities (Implemented)
    Tornado - Flings nearby entities into the air and a random direction (Implemented)
    Explosion - Create explosion where aiming (Planned)

    Wand (Bone):
    Summon Undead - Spawns undead that don't attack caster (Implemented)
    Curse - Give targeted player random debuff (Planned)
    Super Charge - Make all the creepers around you super charged (Unsure)

    Wand (Arrow):
    Voxel - Temporarily remove blocks where aiming? (Unsure)

    Wand (Blaze Rod):
    Fire Pillar - Create pillar of fire where aiming (Unsure)
    Ring of Fire - Create ring of fire around caster (Unsure)
    Fire Ball - Shoot Ghast Ball (Unsure)
    Fire Rune - Set targeted area on fire (Unsure)

    Climber - Climb / Cling to the sides of most blocks (Planned)
    Weaponized Fist - Temporarily makes fist as strong as opponents weapon (Planned)

    Armor Buffs:

    Arrow Repel - Chance to repel arrows (mastered aims them at shooter) (Prob Not)
    Bounce - Enemies fly back when attacking you with melee (Unsure)

    Fire Hat - Fire floats above your head? (Prob Not)
    Enchanter - Increases chance of getting better enchantments (Prob Not)
    Cake Hat - Regenerate hunger? (Unsure)
    Fish Hat - more oxygen underwater (Unsure)

    Regen - Gives constant regeneration effect (Implemented)
    HP Boost - increases max Health (Implemented)
    Super Defense - Increases defense (Planned)

    Cardio - Improves sprinting (faster speed / less hunger loss) (Planned)

    Fire Walk - Creates fire where walking (mastered makes it last longer / makes you immune to fire) (Unsure)
    Ice Walk - Makes blocks you walk on momentarily slippery? removes fire / fire resistant (Unsure)
    Air Walk - Soar through the air falling slowly (mastered removes fall damage) (Planned)
    Heavy Boots - Sends shock wave around player damaging mobs and players upon landing (Planned)
    Double Jump - Jump again while in air (Planned)
    High Jump - Constant jump boost while using (Implemented)

    Player Commands:

    /mcskills skills - opens the skills selection GUI (Implemented)

    /mcskills stats - displays your current skills stats (Implemented)

    /mcskills prestige <skillName> - Resets a skill to level 1 and adds an additional boost to that skill (Implemented)

    /mcskills rankings <skillName> - Shows current rankings for a skill or total skill level (Planned)
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    Attracter: USing velocity it attarcts all players to the wand bearer
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