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  1. Have a COMPLETE idiot? Wanna let people know? Now you can!
    IdiotList has 1 command.
    /idiot <player>: Set a player as an idiot.
    If a player is marked as 'Idiot', they will get banned, and when they try to login,
    a message displays:
    Hey, that idiot <idiotnamehere> tried to login!
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    Seems kinda pointless when you could just do /ban
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    ...hahaha yaeh but nice tho just idioting random people xD
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    Why did you need to make this a WIP thread. I could probably develop this in less than a day.... I still like the idea though :p
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    I just coded this Plugin for you, It can be found here :
    Note: The Plugin will start with a Empty Config so do not Worry as the Plugin will add Players to the Config once you use the /Idiot Command.
    Also it might be worth noting that I added a /UnIdiot Command so you can remove players from the IdiotList In-Game.
    You can still remove players though through the Config, But that will require you to reload the Server for the Effects to take place.

    EDIT: Tested and Works!

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