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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by np98765, May 28, 2013.

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    But... there's nothing wrong with static....

    Edit: Is there really a point in having to instantiate something like Math.sqrt()?
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    I use static, and its useful, just don't use it wrong
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  3. The Web chat isnt working...
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    its an esper bug right now
  5. OK thx
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    Naaaaaaaah, static is completely evil, which is obviously what I meant ;)
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    Hey is this better?

    And why won't you help anymore! You never answered my question :)
  8. Oh by the way - where do you add the extensions to hps? (Non spells for example generating hogwarts)
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    Do you mean where do you code them? The Extensions system isn't fully implemented at the moment.

    If you mean on Trello, where you have it now is good :)
  10. Na i meant in the code if you have a specific folder :D thx though
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    How do you code on your iPad?
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    Just edit code on githubs website.
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  14. Um I'm getting errors when I import hps into eclipse - I already added bukkit 1.5.2 and changed it to maven project - still gives me errors
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    This plugin is still in development :eek: wow, I saw this before I knew Java lol
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    Get on IRC and I'll help ya out :)

    Well we restarted it recently. So it kinda had a 6 month gap. You wanna help out?
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    Well here's a bit of a status update for you all:
    • Alpha 0.4 was released. Seems successful
    • Wands can be crafted (configurable pattern)
    • Wands now contain lore, custom names and they are shiney
    • Spells are craftable into books (although the books do nothing at the moment)
    I also did a whole redesign of the code last night. Removed two whole packages of code that I though was useless. :p
    Also everything has been refactored to com.hpspells.core (the website isn't up yet).
    We're still in desperate need of developers as the trello board is starting to look like this http://puu.sh/3oJox.png which is sad :D
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    Released Alpha v0.5! Not many new spells, but there were quite a few internal changes (refactoring, optimizations, etc). I'm currently working on a website for more detailed documentation about the plugin, configuration, spells, and more.

    We have quite a few spells that need to be added to the plugin before Alpha v0.6, so come and help! :D
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  19. um i get an error in the class PM on line 28 with this (§) symbol (ive got an german keyboard - which symbol is this?!?) thanks!
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    I would love to help, however I have no IDEA as to what to add, so if you need something, I would be glad to help.
  22. thx - well coule you pls check in hps in class PM on line 28 which symbol that is (almost on the end)? thanks

    so which symbol did you add to take the error away?

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    I just took away the unecessary symbol
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    Was that pun intended? :p
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    What pun? He just capitalized idea...
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    Hey we'd love help! Jump into #harrypotterspells (on irc.esper.net) and ask anyone what needs doing. The Trello board is a good place to start :D
  29. Hi guys - waz gone for a long time kitesurfing and now im back - wanted to start on hps and got an error in coolDown.java on line 25 and 29 with the get and setCoolDown

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    You seem to be working on the old repo. The new repo is here
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