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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by WazzapDoc, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Me and my small team have decided to make a quidditch plugin in bukkit. Yes Quidditch. Two teams, brooms, quaffle, bludgers, snitch, automated system. Players will be able to access shops for upgradable brooms like nimbus 2000 and each broom will have different speeds.

    Features:(Features WIP)
    Team Chooser via an inventory
    Broom Chooser
    Boats as brooms.
    Point System
    Money for upgradable brooms
    Snitch system with bats
    Bludgers with slimes.
    Our Goal is to bring the best Quidditch plugin for everyone to be able to enjoy and have on there server. it's to bring a unique experience never seen before in a bukkit server. We are recruiting coders to work with us via Saros.

    Coder Application:
    Skype Name:
    Coding Experience:
    Proof of your older plugins:
    How many hours are you willing to work with us per week?:
    Have you coded a gamemode plugin before (optional):

    Beta Tester Application:
    Skype Name:
    Why do you want to beta test this plugin?:
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    I was making a plugin like this a while ago, started writing an api for an intelligent firework entity. It changes position every 1 second depending on its surroundings, attempts to avoid players. If you find this interesting, I can probably try to finish it soon, and give it to you.
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    Assist Or you can join us and we make one of the biggest public gamemode ever :)
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    Beta Tester Application:
    Skype Name: alexander.riddle2
    Age: 14
    Why do you want to beta test this plugin?: Ever since the year of 2009 (not long I know) I have enjoyed Harry Potter and the Quidditch games at that. If Mario gets a plugin, why can't Harry? :D
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