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  1. //Works from 1.5.2 upwards (Not tested with backwards compatibility but should work)//

    This plugin is one which currently adds 2 new items which are available through crafting or console commands. Both are drill themed objects which make tunnel digging a easier process.

    The Drill (Pickaxe):
    * Destroys a 3x3 square around the current block being destroyed.
    * Currently instantly destroys all 9 blocks.
    * Can be toggled on and off between destroying the 3x3 square or just a individual block instantly.

    The DrillSpenser (Dispenser drill):
    * The DrillSpenser will dig in the direction in which it is placed consuming a piece of coal per block destroyed.
    * Activated by redstone and doesnt affect normal dispenser action.
    * A hopper and chest can be placed into the drill to allow it to collect all block drops it creates while digging. The Dispenser will convert into a chest (Consuming the chest within its inventory) containing all items collected. (This is up the the max capacity of 1 chest, items do stack.) The hopper is not consumed.
    * If using a hopper and chest a mine-cart can be put in the dispenser to teleport the generated chest to the original start location once finished.
    * The rate of digging can be increased by including a pickaxe into the dispenser (higher rank pickaxes increase by greater amounts). A included pickaxe will take durability damage equal to twice that of the blocks destroyed.
    * TNT can be included into the drill to get it to dig a 3x3 hole in whichever direction it is activated in.
    * Blocks can be blacklisted so that the drillspenser is unable to dig through them and will stop (It will only stop if the center piece is blacklisted. Side pieces will just not be destroyed.)
    At the end of digging a regular dispenser (Which can be crafted back into a DrillSpenser again) will be left containing any remaining coal and a pickaxe if one was used.

    The Tunneler (Tunneling Dispenser):
    * Works in a similar fashion to the drillspenser, digs a 3x3 hole whilst creating a 4x4 tunnel around it out of stone. It also has a fixed digging speed.
    * Tunnels can be generated in any direction.
    * Does NOT leave block drops as it requires lesser materials than the drillspenser.
    * Only consumes coal
    * Can be crafted
    * Takes account of the block blacklist and will not tunnel through any blocks on there. A explosion effect (Causing no block or player damage) will be played if the tunneler itself hits a blacklisted block.


    Commands are done in the following format /dt give <Playername> <Item> Quantity.
    Item corrisponds to one of the following:
    drill - The Drill Pickaxe
    drillspenser - Dispenser Drill
    tunneler - Dispenser Tunneler

    A blackList.txt file can be found in the drill tools plugin directory. Adding Materials to this will prevent the drillspenser from drilling through it and must be added in this format - BEDROCK or IRON_BLOCK. If using the Hopper & Chest combo the chest will be generated and filled.

    To be done:
    Craft recipe for The Drill.

    Source can be found here: [[https://github.com/CarbonAssassin/D...ub.com/CarbonAssassin/Drill-Tools-Minecraft]] (Please ask permission before reusing any code)


    Any suggestions or tips much appreciated!
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