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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ZanderMan9, Jul 21, 2014.

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    Hello everyone, I'm looking for developers to expand my launcher, Z-Boot. It's cool, written entirely in Batch and works just fine; I don't know how to stop at good enough, though, so I want to expand it :). Now, Batch has limited capabilities to say the least (I love it nonetheless, but it's a fact :(), and so I need people experienced in other languages that are willing to help me. I'd like people experienced in:
    • Batch, like me (I know I'm contradicting myself here lol)
    • C#
    • Java, and the Bukkit API
    • Eventually things like HTML, JavaScript, and connecting a website with a plugin.
    If you are interested, please fill out the following format and I'll PM you:

    Languages you are experienced in, and your experience level in each:
    - Language here: Experience level here
    Do you have a Skype? (Don't share it here, do it via PM later please :)):
    What jobs are you interested in handling (see below)?:
    - Job

    Currently, Z-Boot has the features listed on the linked page (obviously); I want to add new features, while still keeping Batch at its core. Below is a list of all the things I hope to add:
    • Startup Script: This will require experience in Java, especially reading files. Commands to be run on starting the server, more specifically in the plugin's onEnable method, will be stored in a .txt file. (No / in front, just the command). Each new line represents a new command to be run. I will handle making the file, and storing it in the plugin's folder (Yeah, I can do that with Batch ;))
    • A simple GUI that is able to switch between watching INFO, WARN, and SEVERE streams. This will be initiated by my batch file, which will pass the Java command to your program as an argument, or simply pass RAM amounts and the jarfile's name and location if you like.
    • A way to automatically install the whole deal. Having to download a bunch of different files and place them in the right areas is not cool...
    I typed this at about midnight, so anything stupid that I said is from tiredness... Please correct any mistakes (politely please ;))
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    • Batch, like me (I know I'm contradicting myself here lol) Yes
    • C# No
    • Java, and the Bukkit API Yes
    • Eventually things like HTML, JavaScript, and connecting a website with a plugin. Yes
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    Your old friend here knows batch, has maximum skill in HTML and CSS and some JavaScript. ;)
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    MCMatters Great! Which part would you be willing to work on..? Since you are good with Java and the Bukkit API I'd like to put you on making the plugin which runs the startup script.
    I can make two formats for you, YAML or simple text-per-line...
    YAML: (%pluginfolder%\commands.yml)
      - command
      - command
     Text: (%pluginfolder%\commands.txt)
    Whichever is better for you!

    And Woo! Good ol' ritzy is back on the team! ;)

    RitzyCosmos Sorry, forgot to tahg you

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