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    The New Economy
    Hello everyone! I came to tell you about this WIP Plugin, and hopefully recruit one or more developers as I've been very busy lately. If you're interested in becoming a developer for the project please add me on Skype. If you have suggestions/ideas for the plugin you may also add me on Skype or post them in the comments. My Skype name is creatorfromhell.

    The new economy was originally a hMod Plugin made by Noobaholic. After reading multiple requests on the Bukkit Forums for the plugin, which Noobaholic replied that he was too busy at the moment to port it to Bukkit, I decided to port it to Bukkit. I started a few months ago, but had to stop for two months due to in real life problems. Now, I'm continuing development on TNE, and hope to have an Alpha Release out shortly. I also want to provide a conversion tool to convert hMod TNE Data Files to the new Bukkit Port as I've redone some major internal classes, and the saving of data.

    Feature List
    List of all features(W.I.P., Upcoming, and Finished Features)

    Finished Features
    • Banks
    W.I.P. Features
    • Shop Signs
    • Auctions
    • Areas that you can buy, and sell (Valid Area Types are Bank, Company, Personal, Shop, Trade).
    • Lotteries
    • Companies with customizable jobs that have customized paychecks
    Upcoming Features
    • Direct Player Trading(Alternative to Sign Trading)
    • And any other features that people suggest or we think of that we like
    Our current team
    • creatorfromhell
    To contribute to The New Economy you may fork our Github Repository, and make a Pull Request. The repo is located at: https://github.com/TNERevival/TheNewEconomy .
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