[WIP] DynaQuest - dynamically generated random quests, now with punishment!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by codename_B, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. DynaQuest

    Inspired by skyrim's dynamic quest generation system, I came up with the idea of generating my own quest system, with scaling rewards from the difficulty of the quest, keeping track of the number of quests completed, adding punishments for failed quests and giving people the option of accepting or rejecting a quest.

    With this in mind, DynaQuest was started... it's little more than an idea at the minute.
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    Lol how much plugin are you working onat the same time
  3. I hope you get this done!
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    I will like to see good quest plugin for mc ;)
    it does need any npc/signs..etc just /quest get /quest done
    + it will be cool if it will have some clean define language.. like
    QNo: 1 (quest number)
    QInfo: "Hey, You got new quest +questtype+ +x+ +id+ Reward is +y+"
    +questtype+ = make,break,build
    +x+ = number (random from 1 to 50)
    +id+ = id of item
    +y+ = reward in $
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    Looking forward to this!
    If we had this working, it could completely change the SMP quest system as we know it!
    No more vigorously creating quests by breaking your backs with YML, just simply load this up and BAM,
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