[WIP] Devs needed for mass transit system addons and game

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by catageek, Sep 22, 2013.

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    I am the developper of ByteCart, a mass transit system plugin that help to create a rail network that works like internet. More than a rail system, a ByteCart network is a delivery system that can manage players and storage cart and deliver them at the right destination.

    ByteCart provides an event API that relies on Bukkit event API. This enables the development of addons beside ByteCart core plugin.

    There are many addons to create. That is why I need a dev team to help me on this project while I focus on the core.

    Some addons have already been coded:
    - a dynmap layer to vizualize stations on the map
    - a protection plugin to protect the network against various threats.

    Here are the addons that should be done:
    - a directory service to map the name of stations to their address, so that players do not have to type the address of stations but will use names instead.
    - a Vault addon that enable taxes on the usage of the network
    - a permission addon that enforce permission on stations, so that station access are protected by a player permission mapped to the station.

    Some more complex addons need more study, like a trading protocol that enables automatic transactions by storage carts, etc.

    Moreover, a strategy game based on the network is currently designed. This can be a very big addon. I am afraid I will not have time to manage this addon.

    If you are interested in coding some addons, let me know. I still have to adapt the event API and the core to fit the needs and describe what I want. Please note that some addons require a lot more skills than others.
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    Fancy plugin you got there.
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    Possibly the most dramatic plugin showcase I've ever seen...
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    I'd like to help out if you need.
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