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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Panjab, Jul 4, 2014.

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    Crimes Guaranteed - A story based plugin

    Hello Bukkit Forums Community!

    This is the official development thread to a brand new and revolutional server concept, designed and made by me.
    What it actually does, is nothing more than turning your 'standard' Bukkit server into a completely independent and new game! Yes, no gamemode - a full game! If you don't put your wanted plugins on the configurable whitelist, every other plugin not called 'CrimesGuaranteed' will be disabled by default, so that there wont be any complications between my plugin and others.

    Sounds nice! What's the game concept?

    I'm glad that you asked. As the title already says, the game which can be played with vanilla Minecraft (of course only on Bukkit Servers), depends on crimes. But not everyone wants to be the bad guy. Therefore, the game - which is based on an interesting story - can be played exactly three ways. You can be the bad guy, as a Criminal - or you're the good one, which means you can either play as a Special Agent or an Officer.
    Every way has it's own story, but every action you did wont be forgotten in the happening afterwards. Of course, the story can be played alone with Bots or with real players - it depends on your wish.
    As the story is not programmed to be played alone (which can be done as well, of course), every interaction, decision or action you perform/choose, will change the progress of your personal story (or the story of the users you've played with). Of course every user should have the chance to start fair. And that's the reason why every player has it's own story.
    But actually I am not sure, how to do that the best way.

    The different story modules (aka missions) will take place in different places which have been built before. The plugin comes with a complete map packet and does not allow any other maps or missions. Also the missions and it's progress are coded in the plugin itself - like in a normal game to buy. I will work on the feature to programm/design own missions, using an own file format.

    Also the plugin will never be finished completely. There will be constantly free DLCs added, containing new map packets or new missions/weapons/..


    Technical information

    The plugin only supports a MySQL database because it needs a lot of storage possibilities and a file management system would not be very efficient. The database and it's tables will be created automatically as soon as the plugin starts up first - of course the owner has to configure the access before.

    I will not design the plugin to use dozens of libraries. The only things I use are given by Minecraft to us. Only CrackShot will might be added in the future, after I've studied their docs. It actually adds weapons with the given vanilla features, so the users don't have to install a mod or something like that.

    Every module (at the moment there are role and story modules) builds on an abstract class (interfaces don't support internal validation methods), containing basically needed methods and settings. Therefore, any module can be programmed and designed independent from other modules and will not break if any other module changes. Complex classes are handling those modules to run synchronous/asynchronous (depends on the usage of the module) and safe.

    The source code will not be available until there's at least an alpha (usable) version!


    Activities and progress updates

    Show Spoiler


    That's it for now. I really appreciate critic and feedback! Let me know what you think of this idea and how you see the future of this project!
    If you really, really, really want to help, send me a private message (PM) on this board - I will look through them.

    - Panjab​
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    Cool idea, Isn't it like gta?
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    It might sound like, but the only thing like GTA is the criminal/officer part. The story will be a completely new thing without any connection to GTA. :)
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    Panjab Okay, I hope to see some pictures / videos about what you already made or what you gonna make ;D
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    I'm trying to make that reality as soon as possible. Unfortunately there are only code structures at the moment, but I'm continously working on it.
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    Seems pointless and arbitrary to disallow the running of other plugins that aren't a white list. There is no reason to do this, as plugins don't often conflict, and will probably prevent your plugin from being allowed on BukkitDev. You should reconsider this.
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    Yeah, I thought about that a few times. That's the reason why I've added the whitelist feature. I want to prevent any smallest probability to conflict with my plugin with giving the possibility to enable plugins as well.
    The chance that CrimesGuaranteed will conflict with other plugins is a lot higher than with regulary plugins as it uses/overwrites a lot of Bukkit things like events, entity spawning and all that stuff. It will of course still use the default Craftbukkit.jar, but the usage of it is different.

    But thanks for your opinion though, I will think about it again.
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    Don't you think forcing the user the edit a configuration file to allow a plugin to run is tedious for no reason? The very act of dropping a plugin's jar into the plugin folder is a conscious effort to enable the plugin. From there, it either works or it doesn't.
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    Alright, sorry for my inactivity. I'll be answering questions and posts now more frequently.

    Sure, it might be useless in your view, to this point of development it even is, but all the features which are planned will drive to conflicts with other plugins. I can guarantee that.

    What I can do is adding the choice in the configuration. By default other plugins will be allowed to run, but if there are any conflicts, my plugins will recommend the enabling of this feature. Does this sound better? :)
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    The idea of Bukkit is to PREVENT conflicts, you shouldn't mess around with Bukkit so much that it breaks plugins which don't touch NMS or OBC classes (the vast majority of plugins).
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

    Panjab Need help making this? Maybe we can collaborate and work on it together to get it done faster and make it better.
    If you want too then just PM me and we can talk.
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