[WIP] ChainWorld Testing and Feedback - Let's find those bugs!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by nmacholl, Jun 8, 2014.

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    Hey folks, if you have some time on your hands perhaps you would fancy testing my plugin with me.
    The plugin is called ChainWorld. You can read the dev.bukkit page if you please but basically the plugin makes a server behave like a single player game where players take turns occupying the world. It's akin to having world data on a flash drive and passing it between your friends after you die or too much time has elapsed.

    So if you want to help test the plugin, great!
    You can connect to my test environment at serv.nickmacholl.com:25565
    The server is currently set for 1 hour turns (leases) with a 1 hour timeout to keep things moving. Your turn will end after 1 hour or when you die.

    To play, connect to the server. If a turn is in progress you will be prompted with instruction to enter the queue. Once you get into the server you can register an email so you will get notifications whenever you are given a turn in the future. You will probably have to check back on the server every now and then to see when your turn comes up.

    Some things to test:
    • Commands: /cwlease, /cwregister <email>, /cwunregister, and /cwquit. That last one will end your turn so maybe save that one for last.
    • Email notifications. (Get in, register an email, get back in queue, wait for email. You should only get a notification if you have to wait in line.)
    • Lease expiration warnings. The server should remind you of how much time you have left.
    • Random spawns (currently trying to address a falling through world problem that seldom happens.)
    • General feedback and relentless criticism of the plugin. That means interaction, messages, and clarity of information, typos, etc.
    One final note; if you're done playing a turn use /kill or /cwquit to terminate your lease. That way anyone in line behind you can get in as quick as possible.
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    Moved to WIP and Dev Status.
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    New version is up on the testing environment. Fixes include the falling through world on spawn atrocity, some clarity to the dynamic MOTD, and a reworked dynamic difficulty so it isn't impossible to find monsters early in the lease.

    If you have some time, feedback is greatly appreciated!
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