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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Perichor, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Created by Perichor
    **No longer a work in progress. Moved to BukkitDev or this thread**
    CashFlow is an economy plugin for creating taxes and salaries that pay out automatically.
    • Uses the Register API, so it is compatible with multiple economy plugins.
    • Will support PEX, bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit.
    • Taxes are set as a percent of a player's balance and are paid in an interval specified when you create the tax (set in hours).
    • Salaries have the option to come out of another player's balance (for those trying to maintain realistic economies).
    • Hits offline players.
    Commands (so far):
    • /tax create <taxname> <percentincome> <interval> [payee] - Creates a tax.
    • /tax delete <taxname> - Deletes a tax.
    • /tax list - Lists all taxes.
    • /tax info <taxname> - Lists information about a tax.
    • /tax apply <taxname> <groupname> - Adds a group to a tax.
    • /tax remove <taxname> <groupname> - Removes a group from a tax.
    • /tax addexception <taxname> <playername> - Excepts a player from paying taxes.
    • /tax removeexception <taxname> <playername> - Adds the player back to the list of taxpayers.
    • /salary create <salaryname> <salary> <interval> [employer] - Creates a salary.
    • /salary delete <salaryname> - Deletes a salary.
    • /salary list - Lists all salaries.
    • /salary info - Lists information about a salary.
    • /salary addexception <salaryname> <playername> - Stops the player's salary.
    • /salary removeexception <salaryname> <playername> - Reinstates the player's salary.
    • /enable - Starts paying taxes and salaries.
    • /disable - Stops paying taxes and salaries.
    • /restart - Disables then enables. Use this after altering config while taxes are enabled.
    • Register compatible.
    • Supports PEX.
    • Taxation complete! (minus permission issues)
    • Salaries complete!
    To Do:
    • Testing!
    • Fix permissions (add support for bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit).
    • Commands to edit taxes (maybe).
    • Refactoring.
    As you can tell, this is in super early development (as in, I started two days ago), so any suggestions/requests can be taken into consideration at this point. Also, I am very familiar with Java but I've never made a plugin before so if I'm a bit slow or confused at points, sorry, I'll get there I promise. :)

    **No longer a work in progress. Moved to BukkitDev or this thread**
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