[WIP] BananaSky - bringing back skylands, BananaCode style

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by codename_B, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. Awesome!! If possible, add the dream walkway configurable. I personally love it, but others might not. Definitely keep the trees
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    I don't understand how to use it.
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    The generator ID could be useful ;P
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    Cool ^^ Maybe I am using it wrong, but it still draws the ground for me... maybe a how to added to it might be nice.
  5. It's a WGEN plugin - you need to use bukkit.yml or a plugin which supports multiworld.

    The generator ID is BananaSky.
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    I'll try again as soon as I can and let you know :)
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    This must be quality code then... =)
    Looking forward to it!
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    Got it to work:) Looks really cool. I like it!
    Not to sound nick picky =/, but I do have a suggestion or it's a bug:
    1) It seems that monster only spawn at the lower levels in day or night. Could we have it a fix to maybe get them onto the land area? I guess that would mean the land areas would need to be a bit bigger and the holes a bit wider in that case.
    Other than that ^^ I really like it:)
  9. Spawning mechanics can be tweaked :)
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    I like how it's at a lower altitude - avoids that jarring change from blue to black in the background as you traverse the terrain.

    I've been bouncing around the world removing the roads below the islands - i like how it looks without them.
  11. So remove the roads? :)
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    You want to implement it, you mean? That would be great. :)
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    how did u get it to work. Mind sharing??? detailed, noob-level instructions. and where do u put the generator ID?! i've got the multiworld plugin defaultcommands.
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    Huh now sure for that plugin sorry =/ Are you sure it can do it? Usally you add it into the "gernerator:" line.
  15. The lack of understanding about how to use WGEN plugins is what puts me off devving them :/
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    I am not using that plugin anymore. Now I am using multiworld. I will try it now.
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    I think its because quite a few people have never tinkered with multi-world plugins beyond just stamping out another standard world and portaling them. WGEN plugins are amazing.
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    ok got it to work:

    install multiverse (use the dev builds if u have a 1.0.1 server)
    install this plugin
    type /mvcreate skylands normal -g BananaSky
    then type /mvtp skylands to join the world
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