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    A must have for any RPG server owner!
    Looking for the ultimate RPG server plugin? Look no further!
    Plugin Features - The following features are already in development or completed.
    • Item Lore Builder [Completed] - The plugin handles the custom lore internally and will automatically make all items consistently similar to eachother. It will also ignore item settings if they have not been set, preventing the plugin from needlessly adding any un-necessary lines of lore.
    • Item Updater [Completed] - Need to make an update to an item? Is an item you created too overpowered, and now do you have your beloved players crying over that particular item? Make your balance changes, then watch your item update across the server without any extra work! Now your trouble player will no longer cause any disturbances, and you didn't even have to reload your server!
    • Customization [Completed] - Do you want your players to have the opportunity to customize their items? Well, now they can, this customization also takes the item's stats into consideration, and will be updated accordingly. Players can add custom qualities (colors/quality names), item types, item stats, enchantments, durability, and their own item description! All this customization will be considered when their item is updated.
    • MySQL Support & YML Support [MySQL: Completed YML: Incomplete] - This plugin supports MySQL item configuration aswell as support for items if you wish to store them in a YML file. MySQL support is preferred, you do not require any other MySQL-based plugin to run this, just type in your database configurations and install our database structure (will be included in the readme).
    • Player Stats [Working, but not complete]- Your items you created will affect players when they are equipped, or whenever an item is in a player's hand. Player stats will be recognized and calculated, which can be taken advantage of.

      Current Stats Supported:
      • Damage (Causes player to deal 1 extra damage per point).
      • Armor (Each point of armor reduces damage taken by 0.25).
      • Strength (Each point of strength increases damage by 0.25).
      • Agility (Each point of agility allows the player to attack at a faster rate (built in cooldown).
      • Intelligence (Intended for custom classes, each point of Intelligence increases MP Regen/Maximum).
      • Vitality (Each point of vitality increases player health by 2).
      • Resilience (Each point of resilience increases health regen by 0.25).
      • Custom Enchantments (e.g. "Chance on Hit: 1% Life Steal")
      • Durability (Whenever durability reaches 0, the item will become "grayed out" and no longer benefit the player until repaired).
      • Suggest more stats here. This system is completed for the most part.
    Planned Features - The following features have not yet begun development.
    • Mob Builder - Create your own custom mobs/bosses! Scripting support planned.
    • Quest Builder - Create quests! Reward your players.
    • ÜberChat - Custom chat support specifically for this plugin.
    You suggest MORE features for us! - This will be a special plugin, however we would like to add additional features that you may find useful that will be related to this plugin.

    Item descriptions! They update automatically too!

    Placeholder post, for additional content in the future.

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    Hi there!
    I got a feature request/idea for you: Setbonuses!

    The player wearing the specified set would get perks such as perm poticons, skills or even permissons they normally wouldnt have from their rank.

    If you want more informations on that idea, checkout my pluginrequest thread: ArmorSetbonusses
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