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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by obscurehero, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Hi All!

    I've got a bit of free-time this summer before med school kicks in and computers/programming was a hobby in high school (although we've since parted professional ways). My younger cousin was bemoaning the lack of good servers and how he couldn't get a vanilla server running. Being the great guy I am, I decided to volunteer to "quick" set up a server for him. I knew nothing about the work involved!

    I've since stumbled into bukkit, and I've been slowly plodding my way along to a stable server with some decent plugins (written by you amazing people!!). I am continually reminded of the intelligence and dedication it takes to write these things every time I have an issue or want to add a new plugin. Thank goodness the world has people like you!

    Anyway, I will have next to no time to manage this thing when Aug 1 comes around, and I'd like to set it up semi-autonomously. The cousin wants to use an old Dell (Windows XP) to run the server off of as a dedicated box. I figured I'd install some type of remote administration software like TeamViewer or LogMeIn if I need to manage the thing (I live about an 1hr car ride from the server site (his house)). I don't have terrible hopes of it becoming the next greatest bukkit server, but something that's reasonably stable for him and 20-30 other people.

    I've considered setting up a Linux box, but I know next to nothing about bash. I know enough to get by (and where to find help if I need it) and set up the server, but I know that it will be light-years beyond what my cousin can handle. SO, we're stuck with XP.

    I've taken notes from looking at a few of your servers and found out neat things like, dyndns or as free solutions for a dynamic DNS service (the server will be running off of FiOS but the IP might change every so often).

    I'm looking for something that would take the entire server directory (databases world data, etc.) and back it up periodically (weekly?) and preferably throw it into a 7z or rar for further compression (although I can always periodically compress the backups). Anyone have any ideas?

    Also, does anyone have any pointers on setting up a dedicated XP box for a CB - MC server? Am I going about this all wrong? Helpful tips?

    All help is welcome! I know this is a lot to bite off and to set-up in less than 1 month's time, but I'm hopeful!

    - I have basic Java, Flash (actionscript), and logo experience circa 2004. (Read: I know how object oriented program works... and I know how to write BASIC code...but I'm not good for much)
    - A lot of networking experience, but no formal training.
    - No experience whatsoever with PHP, SQL, or the finer points of websites and servers worth their salt these days.
    - Bukkit since b860 (MC 1.6.6) - aka ~1 week ago

    Looks like I'm looking for a server wrapper?

    -McMyAdmin ($$)
    -MC Server GUI
    -McPanel (not avail)
    -McBukkit Manager ($)
    -"Bukkit Server-Manger!"


    Any experience with any of these wrappers or tools? Found these all while browsing the tools side of the forum.

    So, after looking into all of these tools the MC Server GUI looks the best and most active. Although, I do admit some of the web solutions hooking into permissions economy and dynmap look pretty nice!


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    -McBukkit Manager ($)
    it is free for, under 7 people :)

    about backups, we could add that, but 20 - 30 people costs money for mcbukkit indeed :oops:

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    Cool, thanks! I totally think you have the right to get paid for your work. As this isn't for me, I'm a bit reluctant to encourage my cousin to spend cash on something I'm not sure he'll know his way around! Even if we end up using a free one, I will suggest that he donates to whichever solution he ends up landing on.
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