[Win2008]Server 16gb Ram laggs

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Doppelkeks, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Hello, my Server laggs with 10+ Players.

    1. What OS are you using (Brand and version - Ex. Windows XP SP3)?
    Windows Server 2008

    2. What architecture is the OS you are running (x64 or x86)?

    3. What version and architecture is your java install?

    4. Are you running any wrappers? McMyAdmin, mcadmin, Hamachi, etc?

    5. What build of CraftBukkit are you running? (do NOT say latest. Say the build number.)

    6. What command are you using to run your CraftBukkit server?
    7. What plugins are you running?

    8. What error are you getting (post your server.log file)?
    Server.log : http://pastie.org/private/xfu879nskb7ogaswbfbga

    9. What have you tried already?
    I don't know. Vanish removed, Windows Updates...

    10. No

    Please help me. The Server laggs ...
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    try with no plugins.
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    Without WorldGuard and xAuth is the World griefed :(
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    then leave these 2 only.
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