will we need to convert such n such dot txt

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by mrgreaper, Jan 12, 2011.

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    ok we are currently running an hmod server (version 133 i believe) i note lots of threads talking as though there running bukkit so im assuming the latest snapshot is stable so....
    when friday update kills our server were gonna have to make a decision... do we stay with hmod (i believe some one said hay0 will still be updating it) or do use the snapshot of bukkit?
    now the decision will be influenced by the following questions answers (im not good at words lol)

    1)will plugins from hmod work with the snapshot of bukkit?
    2)we just spent an hour getting the groups.txt and users.txt file up to speck with correct colours as dectated by our soon to be host and there forum will these files have to be redone or can we port them straight over?
    3)will we have to re do the server.properties file?
    4)will players have to reset there /home location or will that stay the same?
    5)are bukkit commands the same as the hmod commands?

    thanks in advance
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    1) no. they use different programming classes and such
    2)needs plugin and the answer depends on the plugins format
    3)you will most likely have to delete some of it but not all since it will still need to get access to the default minecraft server parameters, but not to the hey0 server parameters.
    4)needs plugin and the answer depends on the plugins format
    5)Bukkit and Craftbukkit have no commands. only the plugins do. Craftbukkit is just a wrapper for Bukkit plugins. Nothing more. This way it adds no functions other than what a server needs or wants.

    about 2 and 4 I will check if the currently out plugins use the same format as the homes and groups/users.txt files. I will edit with the answers
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    gorups.txt and user.txt is part of the default behavoir of hmod, they taken that out of bukkit? same with /home

    i apologise if this sounds ungrateful, i really apreciate the work these guys are doing, but this seems a massive step back from hmod?
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    They will be implemented through "core"plugins that will be released with the full version of bukkit. The reason bukkit will run smoother and easier than hmod is because of the idea that no unwanted functions are included with the server. Because these functions will only be there in plugins and only if you want them helps to keep your server running smoother. It may seem kind of backwards functionality wise, but it's not that it's not going to be there, it's just not there yet, and doing it this way will increase both functionality and server quality in the long run.
    --- merged: Jan 12, 2011 9:43 PM ---
    Just checked. the configs for the "temporary home plugin" (includes /home and /warp) is in the same format. The groups mod uses txt files too, but it's in a different format so you'd have to rewrite your files.
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    ah ok, i think i get it

    bugger about the groupsfile but /home would of been a more disasterouse one (so long as groups still supports different colours for different groups we should be fine to rewrite it :)

    thank you for checking for me its appreciated
    --- merged: Jan 12, 2011 9:50 PM ---
    were all dreading the friday update.... no official word from hay0 about hmod and bukkit seems (to me) to be so far from release that i doubt we will get it this month let alone this week

    there is an old chinese curse "may you live in interesting times" ..... friday looks to be an interesting time lol
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    friday came early our server is dead :(
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