Will mob spawners lag servers?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Deleted user, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Deleted user

    Well lately a lot of my players have been going to their mob farms. They'll go afk and come back and have a ton of monsters spawned and then kill them.

    Will this bring any negative effect on my server?

    And another question related to plugins-
    What do you recommend I use to prevent this if it's needed?
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    It's possible if you have a large server or one with hardly any RAM available that's laggy anyways. But 99% of the time it won't really matter.

    You could try installing a plugin like NoLagg (I think that's the name?) and limit the number of mobs that can spawn per chunk.
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    Mobs spawned by mob spawners do not respect the mob-spawn limits in the bukkit.yml. You could end up with 30,000 mobs in one chunk, if someone farms mobs in such a way to keep the mob spawner active.

    So, yes, in that way they can lag out your server. Use Minecraft Region Fixer to scan your world for excessive entities.
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    Deleted user

    Hmm okay, thanks.

    So far I haven't had any issues with it all but I like to stay on the safe side.
    Are there any plugins out there that can turn exp off from spawner mobs or limit the amount that can be spawned at one time?
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