Will Bukkit die?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by sethrem, Nov 17, 2014.

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    I was wondering if Bukkit is going to die since a new Api is coming out which is called sponge. I really like bukkit but with the DMCA takedown is there any chance of it coming back? Or is it just going to die and be stuck on 1.7.10 and just be looked back upon as the API that made mine craft what it is today which is modded server. And if so should I stop learning and developing plugins using the bukkit api? Or should I get used to the sponge Api? This is a serious question and I would like to here all of your feedback on this topic.

    Thanks for reading this, Seth.
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    Chance? Yes.
    There are plenty of server APIs coming out not just sponge. I suggest waiting until one rises and becomes dominant.
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    Skionz Thanks for your feedback, will you be leaving Bukkit, and what other server Api's are coming out besides Sponge?
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    sethrem About 30 others lol. Ive already stopped using Bukkit although I like the forums.
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    sethrem To answer your question, Yes Bukkit as a API or a server API is shutting down, although the community as its self isn't. Just use Spigot, it is trusted by many networks, and md_5 has announced they will update to 1.8
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    Spigot hasn't posted how it intends to bring itself in compliance with the licences of Bukkit/CraftBukkit, until then I would be wary of considering it as a long-term solution.

    Hopefully several of the new projects will take off. I think it would be healthy to have a variety of options for modded MineCraft servers, mono-cultures are bad.
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    Concerning Bukkit it clearly is too early for a final statement. One doesn't really know what the Spigot team is doing, except that their efforts have resulted in a not yet publicly available 1.8 server software, which has undergone a testing phase with many testers, capable of running Bukkit plugins. Unconfirmed claims are they recoded large parts, some say that they replaced code by Wolvereness, but it stays speculation. My assumption is that they will go to lengths to keeping it available, after all that, at least they have taken legal advice on this matter.

    So unless you have an already working thing in mind, i would give it a while and focus on mod-independent design rather. If you have too much code on Bukkit side already, you should naturally give it a couple of weeks - the fate of the code base is not decided yet. Concerning other mods, i don't even know how far they are on 1.8 (Where is Sponge? Rainbow is 1.8, Canary claimed to be, Glowstone incomplete, ... i bet i forgot to mention some).
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