Will 1.8's impact on the code will be as big as 1.7's?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xbenas, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Thread title.

    Will 1.8 break a load of things like 1.7 did and it took bukkit a lot of time to even get a dev build rolling?

    Looking at the 1.8 changes it mostly is new blocks and mobs, so my guess is it won't take long.
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    MC 1.8 change log also suggests a lot of internal changes, and they arent done yet. Lets wait for a prerelease first, else its a lot of speculation.
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    Well the thing I'm worried about is that they have changed to blockstates or doesn't have blockstates anymore and the combination of no data values / sub values, don't forget that worlds we be changed to that it looks for me a heavy task.
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    Only time can tell
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    According to this tweet by SeargeDP, this may be the largest update for Bukkit. Keep in mind I am not sure how much of the code has changed, and how this will effect Bukkit's updating delay however
    As said many times before by many members, since Bukkit is mainly a group of volunteers taking from their own time to work on an open-source project we as a community should wait patiently and if possible help out. What we shouldn't do however, is to scream at Bukkit staff and harass them for not finishing the update as that is just uncalled for.

    If you don't like the delay Bukkit is taking to make an update then do it yourself, if you say something like "I don't know how to code" or "I don't know how to do that" then you're really not in the position to judge the difficulty and time required to make an update for a project as big as Bukkit. We should be appreciating the fact that they're doing this out of their own time and not just taking it for granted.
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    xize Wait, that means no more 3:2 for Podzol and 5:4 for Acacia Wood Planks?

    mazentheamazin Yeah, I know, I wont be using my whip on bukkit team. I just wonder how much psychologically I should be prepared to wait.

    I still can't believe how ignorant Mojang is with bukkit, they have no idea of bukkit's impact on the game's popularity and they don't care about it (it seems). But, you know... MUH REALMS.
    Atleast they could give them the exclusive read-only access to the Minecraft server code. Not like is going to hurt them or anything...
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    Well, that Mojang has no idea how important Bukkit (and other Modding platforms) is is complete bullshit.
    Most people who work on Minecraft nowadays are directly recruited from these plattforms.

    However, if you want something that doesn't break with every update, you have to break some things before.
    And you can see a clear progress towards the Plugin API.

    From my estimation it will take months for Bukkit to update to 1.8 because of the many internal changes and especially optimisations (which will make your server faster btw.)

    But I'm really exited about this update. The performance improvements are huge and I hope they transfer to the server side as well, making server hosting cheaper in the end, as you get more slots with the same hardware.

    PS: Yes, 3:2 and 5:4 are gone. Now you have something like Wood:Acacia or so. ;) (And this is WAY cleaner)
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    By quoting your post do you mean I am inpatient :s?
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    xbenas I think they do know, which is why the Mod API has been delayed for so long. If it turns out to be as good as everyone hopes it to be, it will obsolete Bukkit.
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