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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by MCraftGamer35, Sep 1, 2014.

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    My plugin got approved, and I got a pm, the admin said "You can now start hacking on it to your heart's content."

    What does that mean?
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    MCraftGamer35 That is just to inform you that you can start adding help pages and stuff, nothing special. It is just part of the default message they send you when the plugin is approved.
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    It still says its not approved yet? nlthijs48

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    MCraftGamer35 I see the plugin as approved, probably your file still has to be approved and that is a separate progress and takes some more time.
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    Current file approval time averages to about a week. Approval times are never constant, its always changing.
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    How long does it usually take to get a new project approved. About a few hours after I created mine, I got a notice saying that I needed to add more info to the description before it can be approved. I did that yesterday and resubmitted it, but I'm still waiting. I'm just wondering how long this usually takes, since this is the first time I've submitted my own plugin
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    Project and file approval are separate processes and each take roughly a week. Sometimes you can get lucky and approval times will be fast, other times there will be a backlog for BukkitDev staff and it can take longer.
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