Why do you create free plugins for strangers?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by GravityCY, Jun 10, 2019.

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    Yes. This is completely off-thread but I was genuinely curious why so many people are so giving of their time to create plugins for strangers, don't you guys have your own lives to keep up on?

    Not trying to be disrespectful, I'm just curious, plus it seems a bit weird to me, but maybe I'm just a terrible human being :/.
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    @GravityCY Gonna give my opinion on this. To anybody: feel free to disagree.
    Making plugins is a hobby, a way to get better at programming, a place to start.
    I have a nice job (also programming) that gives me everything I need. Didn't have that job when I started making plugins but I didn't need it either.
    I am here to help and to fill my day. If I wanted to make a load of money then I would have chosen a different way to get it outside Minecraft
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    I personally do it because I would like to get better versed in java and OOP. I know the basics of the language and have created a few plugins here and there. But I still feel I have a lot to learn and that I'm especially lacking in OOP. So therefore I chose to do small projects for people. But I guess I'll also have to see an idea I like. Otherwise I won't be drawn in and won't therefore make a plugin.
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    Bukkit was my introduction to programming. Back when I first started, plugin requests were a simple way to learn how to write plugins. Most of the time, the requests were either things I already knew existed (so I knew I would be able to easily write the plugin), or they were requests that were completely new, which challenged me to be better.

    Its been years since then, and I still occasionally do some requests. Now, I do them for fun (as a developer, it always feels great when you can start a new project and feel inspired about how to do it) or to challenge myself to either do something that has never been done before, or to create a new plugin that similar to another one that exists, but better.

    Now, of course doing this shouldn't interfere with your life. For me, spending a couple hours writing a small plugin every so often is just how I like to spend my downtime, which I feel is a lot more fulfilling than some of the other ways you can spend your time.
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    I do it because i'm a programmer and i enjoy challenges.

    If you had the ability to turn your time into food, would you feed the hungry?
    Programming makes you god. It's a huge power trip. You should try it.
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