Who remembers hMod?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by cjbh1996, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Really, I'm just curious. Are there any veterans out there that used hMod before Bukkit took over? How much do you remember from the transition? I remember using hMod all the way back in Nov. 2010. I was stubborn and switched over to Bukkit in mid January 2011 :3 But seriously, do people even know what hMod was anymore?
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    heard of it. never used it came on the scene mid 2011
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    Nathan C

    Yes, I do.

    At first it was a hard transition, because Bukkit never had all the bloat built in, such as permissions, etc. Although in the end Bukkit was far, far better than hMod ever was.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı Retired Staff

    Took me 30 minutes to convert a 8000 line plugin (aka 100x longer than most plugins :p) from hmod to bukkit. Fun transition.
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    I saw a carving on an ancient stonebrick wall about it...
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    Sir Savary

    Ahhhh, hMod. I still think about it some days. I actually started running my MC server about before the big uproar. I miss SMP back then, sure it was nowhere near what it is today, but I enjoyed the simplicity, the lack of competing servers and the depth of conversation I could have with a player.
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    I found Bukkit super annoying because it didn't have all of the stuff hMod had built in.

    Turns out having all of that in plugins is alot cooler.
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    Sir Savary

    Felt the same way. hMod had everything sort of centralized almost, everything was run BY hMod. Now, everything is run ON Bukkit. It's better when you think about it, but I could see why some people still wish for an hMod like feel.

    Something else I miss is some of the hMod plugins actually. Wish I could find 'em all, and port them.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I remember hMod. I don't remember the transition, mainly because I didn't run a public server.
    I remember using hMod in the early beta, feeling bad for hMod, but feeling that Bukkit was the way to go.
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    I'm too much of a noob, wasn't around in those days so there's nothing for me to recall.
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    I was around then I had not long started to use Hmod when it was faded out like a month or 2 But i clearly remember being pissed about not using the hmod worldedit because I lost all my buildings Stupid Cuboid Plugin GRRR.

    none the less i think I am better for the experience and think that i will handle the possible change from bukkit to official much better. (that is providing world edit follows suit and joins the official and not Spout else ima be partly ripped again hopefully in that case mcedit will save me.)
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    The only thing I remember and hated about hMod was that if you wanted to load a new plugin, you had to put it's name in the main server config file.
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    I remember hmod. Bukkit is a lot more friendly to developers, though.

    It's now disappeared of the face of the Internet.
    Long gone; not forgotten.
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    The transition was a crap.

    Remember my server being on a test map for more then one month, when it returned, all the rp style of it was gone, permissions problems were a real problem.

    Remembered my favorite plugin on hmod gone: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/npcs-v-4-1-trader-simple-npcs-iconomysupport-soon.132/

    Remembered awsome devs that were just lost on the transition. And the ones lost a month later because of all the permissions chaos. Stargate dead, craftbook dead, motherfucking cuboid dead.

    It was a hard time. Still today I think it was a bad move of those bukkit guys, to push everybody to bukkit when nothing was even near to be ready.
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    Ahh I remember hMod.. used it for about a month before Bukkit came on to the scene and I never looked back.
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    also, it did not disappear.

    hmod forum backup on canary forums :3
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    I remember hMod, yup. I ran a server off of it from the beginning of Dec. 2010 to about when Bukkit 'officially' launched.

    The Transition? Since I hadn't made any plugins for hMod, it wasn't that hard. Kept the world, just lost all config files, 'bout it. I was also a small server then, and still am pretty small :p
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    I remember it well, ran a server with it and developed code on that system, moved to bukkit as soon as i could
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    I used hMod for my private server back in the day. Went public with Bukkit in July... now back to private.
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    Heh, wow I didn't think I'd get this much response. I actually still have a copy of one of my old old hMod servers. I sometimes wish I could downgrade my Minecraft all the way down to Beta 1.0 just to remember what it was like.
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    I think I have 1.2.6 client+hMod+server somewhere...

    At any rate, yes, I remember it. I first started using it sometime in November, it was buggy at times but awesome. I remember the buggy early builds of WorldEdit, which rarely worked... Back then CuboidPlugin was king, and MCcheat usage was rampant.
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    Sure do.

    Public 24/7 server since August 2010 (one and a half years now), and of course it ran hMod up until hey0 announced the end of hMod. Before hMod it ran on a custom minecraft jar a previous admin compiled (plot protection etc). And what @battlekid said, cheating was a way bigger problem back then. Not only MCcheat, but also simple chest duplication (lag exploit) because the player inventory was client side at that time.

    We still have players and staff from back then on the server today.
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    I made a new account here on bukkit my old one was RazorFlint.
    But when hmod transitioned to bukkit it was just a simple blackout. A link to a bukkit post and said it will be taking over.
    hmod.com died, all the plugins broke, along came Bukkit! :)
  24. I used it for about 3 months..
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    I remember hMod, from when it first started, but when beta 1.2 came out, I didn't know that it got discontinued, and wished that I could have known, because I would still be updating hMod to this day, but I can't change the past. :(.
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    mhm, yea i remember Hmod ALOT. It was my crack, when it ran out i went pyscho *jk*. It was a tough time waiting for a new system to come out. I remember dying a little on inside when i had to go and use the default minecraft server system.
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    I remember joining an hMod server. And then Bukkit ran along exactly the next day lol.
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