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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by UnseenMC Network, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. Plugin category: Whiteist

    Suggested name: WBWWhitelist

    What I want: I would like a plugin that limits players from going into certain worlds. In this case, World-Bb-World-Whitelist.

    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

    Ideas for commands:
    - /wbww [on/off]
    - /wbww add {player}
    - /wbww alert {message} (Alerts server which world is going into whitelist/maintenance.

    Ideas for permissions:
    - /wbww [on/off] = wbww.toggle
    - /wbww add {player} = wbww.add
    - /wbww alert = wbww.alert

    When I'd like it by: Soon :D

    I do infact know of this but it is for 1.7.9 and I am on 1.8.8
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    Did you know that most plugins are cross version compatible?
  3. I did know that. I have tried loading this in before but it comes up with an error. I will try again though.
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    Why don't you try sending the author of the plugin a PM or make a ticket of the plugin on BukkitDev, show the stacktrace (error) and ask if they can update it to 1.8?
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    What multi-world plugin as you using to begin with?
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    @TheVicow Multiverse won't allow that, sorta.
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    Multiverse already has world access permissions though
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    Why are you bumping this
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  9. I still need someone who will dev it :)
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    Don't need another plugin, multiverse does exactly what he wants by default
  12. What are the permissions exactly? I was looking for a way to configure the messages as well?
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    You seriously could have googled anything as long as it contained the words Multiverse and Permissions, and you'd come up with this

    EDIT: Just figured I'd save myself some time:

    If you come back and tell me that they don't work, I'll come back and tell you that you've set up your permissions wrong
  14. I think I got it, thank you! :D
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