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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by johnnyrascoe, Jan 27, 2012.

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    hey guys, my whitelist for my server isnt working.
    yes its on, yes i have tried to see if works with ops and non-ops and it works with neither so anyone can connect
    i have updated to the latest 1.1 server but i dont know what the problem is :/

    and also, my server keeps on crashing,,,,i have 8gb of RAM and the only thing that is OPTIONALLY running is minecraft,the server, and skype. everything else that is running is needed to run windows

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    Get a white list plugin I suggest WhiteListPlus. Search it up. Also your server keeps crashing maybe your internet keeps disconnecting but also your IP4V might be changing quite alot. If you keey IP section empty in the config ignore the previous line < . You may have a virus too.
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    nope i have zero viruses(im using norton and trend micro titanuim)
    and my ipv4 is still the same as it has been and my internet isnt disconnecting at all
    but im only using 47% of my ram right now and my internet isnt disconnecting not one bit
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