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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by John David Wright, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. Hey,
    Everytime I spawn for the first time that the server has been on, I get a white screen. I'll also get a white screen if I walk into a room sometimes and when i get into a minecart. when i go to /spawn, it will turn off. Any idea what this is? I'm thinking it's craftbukkit, but not sure.
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    a screenshot would probably be a good way for us to understand what you mean..
  3. when it happens again, i'll get a screenshot. but seriously, the whole map is white. i can see the chat box


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    that didn't work..

    have you tried it with no plugins?
    have you tried vanilla server (minecraft_server.jar)?
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    Hmm you know if this happened on login or something, I'd think its bukkit, but it happens on entering a roomm/minecart... do you have any client mods?
  6. it has happened on login and happens randomly while i'm playing and it happens to everyone else. i don't have client mods.
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    oh it happens for more players??
  8. yeah. it happens to everyone all the time.
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    can the bukkit devs visit?
    if more private, PM me
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    Just incase anyone comes across this thread via google or what not:

    - Player(s) will log in with a white screen which is fixed by doing a teleport or /spawn command
    - Player(s) get a white screen when entering a minecart
    - Player(s) model does not rotate in the world despite them turning
    -Players cannot seem themselves in 3rd person or on their inventory screen

    The issue is that the playername.dat file has a corrupted or invalid value for the rotation tag. Most likely when viewed it will read as a NaN value.

    If you connect to a craftbukkit server prior to to Recommended Build 677 you'll simply get a white screen. If you connect to at 677 or later you'll be kicked with a "Nope" message and a server log message saying that the player tried to crash the server.

    - Manually use an NBTEditor edit the Rotation tag that says "NaN" to say 0 (or any other number if you so choose)
    - Delete the offending playername.dat file in world/players. Keep in mind this will reset their position and inventory.

    Still unknown what actually causes it to be set to NaN in the first place.
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    It seems that the day/night transition cause the bug
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