Which idea do you like best?

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Two server ideas, which do you prefer (Read details in desc first)?

  1. Tardis server

  2. Flying gun ships server

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    IDEA 1 - Tardis server
    Doctor who server. Players can make a customize their own tardis (rooms, wall/floor design etc). The tardis can also teleport to custom set areas and any given xyz etc. Will likely have multiple custom made worlds with a planet theme (which you can teleport to in your tardis). Factions with pvp.

    IDEA 2 - Flying fun ships server
    Flying ships with guns/cannons. Sky islands to fly and build on. Factions with some sort of raiding (but at the least pvp). Sci-fi themed with a custom generated world which is always night (aka space with the server texture pack). World size somewhat small meaning higher chance of meeting other players while exploring/flying (pvp) and it makes finding other bases fairly easy (more pvp and interaction). Oh and NO teleport including /spawn... players will have to fly ships to get around.

    My opinion:
    I think the tardis/dr-who idea could get somewhat boring unless you're a real roleplaying kind of guy who loves dr-who. The tardis allows for players to have their own home in a tardis (3x3x4 on the outside... big on the inside) which is cool. I can imagine players teleporting to the cords of enemy faction bases etc and attacking or just meeting up with other players.
    The flying ships idea I think may be more fun... i mean building your own base to fend off enemy ships and making your own fleet... I would have some kind of reward for killing players (perhaps % of their money and their towns for instance... perhaps with the power system meaning if players get killed too much people can claim their land etc. The only concern i have is movecraft + gun fights if the ships lagg its just not fun.

    This is just the basic concept of each... there is more than this alone to each server idea but I don't want to give everything away incase someone decided to copy it. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop some. And i have found servers with these basic concepts... but they tend to be poorly executed and limited. Aka one doctor who server i went on only allowed donators to use tardises (basically you have to donate to play the only unique aspect of the server). Some flying ships servers have elytras with rockets which makes the ships redundant... oh and lots of teleports...
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    I think it depends on the exact gameplay. Though Flying fun ships may have a broader reach for more players, (Based just on your description), it seems very vapid. IMHO, Minecraft has become over saturated with PVP faction servers. I would honestly go with the tardis idea If you can attract enough players/ implement it correctly.

    If you do choose the tardis idea, if you can, try advertising the idea on the Bukkit or spigot forums first before creating the server. See how many members would be willing to join a server. If there are not enough players interested in that type of server, then you may want to try the Flying ships server. But, so far, I have seen multiple Roleplaying servers who had large groups of players (~50+ members total), so you may get a lot of support for this idea.

    If I could expand on that idea, I think it would be great to allow users to choose what 'race' they want to be; Some may want to be a Timelord while others may love to be daleks, cybermen, or any of the other aliens trying to take over the universe. Then, assuming you choose to take faction idea and support it for entire races instead of groups of players, this may make it more fun for those who do not role play.
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    Ok so i can't pm you details about this. I don't want to give away my whole server plan for loads to see. So i will just sum up what i said... perhaps i could have time lords vs daleks server. Daleks can use dalek style ships with guns/bombs (I will design some for players to buy or something). So they can fly around the map with ships... timelords will fly around with the tardis which is faster but wont of course have gun/cannons etc. Using magicspells i could give daleks some kind of hover spell aswell which would temporarily make them hover. Also maybe daleks get laser guns.
    It would be tricky trying to make being a Dalek as fun as being a time lord.
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