What's up with the lack of professionalism?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Thalagyrt, Oct 26, 2011.

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    I just submitted a bug report to a plugin developer - actually singled out the line, explained what's wrong, and what do I get in return? "Fuck you you thankless moron."

    Where's the professionalism in projects these days? Seriously? I've seen people get completely reamed and shunned from an entire community for outbursts like that in OSS projects back when I had time to work on them - and that wasn't too long ago either, only 8 years.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmmm... perhaps you should take that to a mod...
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    Nah, I'm trying to handle it professionally with the guy. I just feel that there needs to be an open discussion about professionalism. It seems that a lot of people involved in plugin development here have the God complex going on, and that's a serious problem for a community. It halts progress.
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    Something like that should still be reported.
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    I do agree, but I can't report something here that happened in a bug comment on Github.
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    Randy Schouten

    I agree with you entirely.

    Plugin devs should help the people who use their plugins.
    Especially if he/she points out what is wrong at exactly the line and how to fix it.

    I must say, I think I won't really like it either if somebody tells me how to fix something in my plugin.
    However, a reaction like that is just unnecessary, just say thanks.
    Not that hard I think.
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    True - I should have just submitted a patch file/pull request, would have been far more constructive.

    I dunno, I've had a good bit of history in OSS game related projects - one of them being L2J, back in the beginning there (~2003) a friend of mine and I forked it and started a branch called thancode, and we made plenty of major upstream patches, but also some minor patches were just sent in in the form of "hey, you broke something at L548, change xyz to abc" since that was easier than dealing with an SVN merge, and I've always had a positive response when I supply exactly how to fix something, so this is a rather new response to me.
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    I agree as well, but we're only hearing one side of the story. There is no reason that a developer should respond to a bug report like this. They need to be receptive and open. Also, I barely considering it 'handle it professionally with the guy' posting it in a public forum. If you had an incident with him, take it up with him and not the forum.
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    I took it up with him and we've resolved our conflict it seems - simple miscommunication.

    I'm really just wanting to spark a discussion about professionalism in general - I don't care about this particular incident, hence why I'm not specifying names here. I've seen it happen to other people from a 3rd party perspective.

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    What's up with the lack of appropriate word usage? Can we please just say "politeness", or is that taboo in the modern world?
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    i have been noticing a fairly rapid decline in the community lately. its kinda sad imo...i am pretty new here, but when i first started lurking (and eventually joined) it seemed like this was a great community with helpful members and developers all working to ensure that users as well as new devs had a place to go for help and info. its what started me on learning java actually...

    now it seems that you cant go a day without something like this happening. i know you said this was just a miscommunication, but its indicative of the situation as a whole. i dunno what it is but it seems that users are getting more demanding and ignorant, and less likely to read the instructions or even the last few posts in the thread for help. demand help or fixes with no thanks etc...and a lot of the new devs seem to be little kids who have no respect for anyone or anything, yet still come asking for help coding, but then say disrespectful things, lie completely, cause drama etc.
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    Oh boy, I would die for a report like this.
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    As a programmer myself who's dealt with a pretty good share of bug reports, those were my favorite type. You already have an idea of where to start, and if the reporter is competent, you may already have a fix!
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