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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by emcitement, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Been looking through the plugin list and searching for key-words but haven't seemed to find anything I can use this.

    Basically, server events are a large part of my server.
    There's a wide variety of different kinds.
    I want to set it up so that food can't be used in these event areas.

    WorldGuard can protect the areas and whatnot so people can't place blocks to cheat - however they can still bring food into the maps and use it without anyone knowing.

    What should I do to get around this?
    Is there any way to block food from being used in certain areas?

    Is my best option to make a new world with all the event maps in it and set up an inventory-restrictor so players can't bring anything into that new world? Or is there something I can do without having to use separate worlds?
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    I saw a plugin once called ItemDetector that will scan your inventory for items (that you define) when you walk through an archway and it can power a redstone current, kick, ban, teleport and such. This might prove useful for what you need. Or you could request a (very simple) plugin to be made in the plugin request forums. When I finish my current project I could make an region based anti food plugin, but that may take a while for me to finish up what I'm working on right now.
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    Thanks! That would be pretty useful. I'll look up that plugin for now.

    I'm also considering going with the second world route too though for the purpose of having all the empty room to work with.
    Would a server be slowed down much by having people in separate worlds?
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    Are you looking for advice on coding a plugin to solve this, or just looking for a plugin to help?
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    With most servers, it's generally faster if there are multiple worlds. In my case, I have a server with 10 worlds, that all have a limited area you can walk in, and i can honestly have 2-3 people in each world doing their own things.

    Before I added multi-world it was somewhat slower, because everything was in one world.
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    Just plugins to help - however I've found everything I need. :]

    Hmm, that does make sense. Thanks.
    I'm still debating on which route to go with. I've found a number of plugins that will make either option work well.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    Test with a single world first, if it seems good enough, test on a NEW server for the multi-worlds.
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