What plugins for new minecraft server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Wizter, May 2, 2011.

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    Hi bukkits :) I was wondering what plugins i should put on my new minecraft server.
    Please write a complete server setup for me down below.
    Thanks :)
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    Hello, my personal reccomendation is this list:

    Bare bone minimum:
    GroupManager - Handles groups and user permissions
    MultiVerse - Handles multiple worlds/nether
    HeroChat - Handles custom chat formatting and channels
    CommandBook - Handles all basic commands
    BigBrother - Logs EVERYTHING so that you can rollback griefers
    WorldEdit - Easy fixing of griefers or world modification
    WorldGuard - Protect zones of the world from being edited by players
    PlugMan - Allows reloading of plugins without requiring a reboot
    AutoSave - Saves the server to disk every X minutes
    Backup - Backs up the server to a separate .ZIP file every X minutes

    NoCheat - Stops flyhacking, speedhacking, etc (only if you want to stop it)
    MultiInv - Makes multiple inventories (if you have a build world and a survival world)
    TelePlusPlus - Easy teleporting
    Warpz0r - Easy /warp commands
    BorderGuard - Keeps players from expanding the map too far
    Lockette - Protects chests from theives
    LoginMessage - Adds a custom, multifunction, easy to edit message of the day.

    FalseBook - Adds cool ICs and minecart mechanics to the game
    DynMap - Adds a live web based map to the server
    ColorSign - Adds color to signs
    Runecraft - Adds Runes to the game
    iConomy - Adds an economy framework to the game
    iConomyChestShop - Adds chest based shops to the iConomy Framework

    <Adding links now>
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    Try this one :)
    SimpleAdmin (or not lol)
    Too lazy for links, search them on the http://plguins.bukkit.org
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    Good question--there's a lot out there to choose from! Let us know what kind of server you are planning on running. An MMO server? RPG? Creative? Mostly vanilla? I'm curious what other people would recommend for the various game types. These few seem to be the trend with plugin development. Or maybe I've forgotten a couple?
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    RPG Server :)
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    Wow how did you guys leave out essentials? It does everything.
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    So does commandbook... But I'm mor eof a fan of essentials cause I just don't like commandbook.
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