What is with you kids and DBs?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by hash, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I take it you have some web info plugin?
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    Oh man, I can't believe I forgot to mention memcached! You're quite right, of course -- in serious corporate settings, really fast access for large datasets is indeed much more likely to handled by clusters of networked machines instead of single-machine DBs.
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    Honestly, I do semi agree things should not be completely database driven. When it comes to things such as configuration files, flatfiles are best. They load the data and its done. BUT when it comes to loading and reloading the data over and over again, nothing beats a sql database. Things such as user data, homes, warps etc should all technically be saved in a DB.

    Yes, Perhaps it is OK for small servers and systems. But user data will even slowly build up on them, especially if its a public server. Why? because as new players enter the server, new data is added to the file system. To add this data to a flat file db as some suggests, the entire file has to be loaded before adding the data into it, and then, the entire file would have to be saved agian. Where with an sql Database, it does not search its entire contents, but rather where it is specified to search.
    For an example....
    id | name | prefix | commands | etc |
    1 | Bob | king | .... | ... |
    2 | .... ..|..........|......|.....|

    and so on.

    If i wanted to get the data for just one of these which had an id equal to 2, it would only read the id column and load all the id's. then select al lthe data in column two without even loading the full amount of data of id 1, 2 3 etc.

    Before you say this incorrect, prove it with references thanks, otherwize its just heresay and pretty much means nothing =P

    But yeah.. Ill stick to flatfile is fine for static references which will rarely change, but when you wish to have more dynamic data that is constantly added to, manipulated etc. nothing beats an sql database.
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    It's called Netstats. Used for tracking what players do like breaking/placing blocks, deaths, online/offline, total time they've been on, etc.
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    Hash you do have a point... When I read the topic name I thought is was going to be some troll (as the kids would say,) but after reading the topic I see you have a great point! I support you fully!
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    Daniel Heppner

    LogBlock is better though. Even better is HawkEye.
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    Hrm... Maybe i should direct some to the help forum?

    People who bash each other for not making their plugin optimally, and those who say "It's my plugin, i decide!", should consider putting more effort into helping each other, and not being afraid to ask for help.

    I present my rage-fueled code for community based development:
    public developer @ community
        if (community tells developer to fix something)
            if (developer.isAble)
                developer tries to fix it
                community tries to fix it
    public community @ developer
        developer = "dev of imperfect plugin"
        community = "everyone who notices imperfection"
        if (community has >=1 problem with a plugin)
            if (suggestion.isIgnored)
                new TeamOfFriends:D = community.getPluginDevFreinds()
                newplugin = TeamOfFreinds:D.makesChanges(plugin)
            if (suggestion.isTaken)
    // Wasn't that a nice lil code :)?
    // Okay, it's missing some instances but it'll work for now.
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    @acuddlyheadcrab Ow, I can do that too. :)

    public Plugin plugin = environment.createPlugin("NoLagg");
    ArrayList<StackTrace> issues = new ArrayList<StackTrace>();
    for (Issue issue : forums.getIssues(plugin)) {
    while (plugin.hasIssues()) {
    finalize(); //Error: Dead code
    It's how I feel about it right now... :)
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    Local DB = good.
    Web-based DB = bad, especially for logging plugins like LogBlocks, BB, or Hawkeye, unless you have a very fast DB processing power and speed.
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