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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by ImDeJay, Sep 28, 2014.

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    I know that as of right now CraftBukkit is not available dues to Wolverness and Mojang.

    But with Microsoft purchasing Mojang and the original Mojang team leaving, does that mean that Craftbukkit will not continue?

    Dinnerbone said he was going to update to 1.8 himself but since the sellout i figure that may have changed due to different ownership. Microsoft is a much bigger company and they have much bigger projects to deal with than minecraft so I figure that bukkit will get pushed on the back burner.

    Has anything of this nature been discussed since the switch to microsoft?
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    It's debatable. At this point, one of several things could happen (probably more than listed):
    1. Wes Wolfe lifts the DMCA and either Microsoft, Dinnerbone, or both update CraftBukkit to 1.8 but no farther in order to work on the to-be Minecraft Plugin API.

    2. Wes Wolfe lifts the DMCA and Microsoft decides Bukkit is an asset and continues to update it into the foreseeable future.

    3. Wes Wolfe doesn't lift the DMCA/Microsoft is busy with other things and Bukkit development comes to a standstill. Other server mods flourish.

    Considering the current state of things, the latter seems most likely, mainly due to the DMCA which seems unlikely to be lifted. The other server mods are under development as of now, except Spigot which was also affected by the DMCA. Bukkit 1.7.x will be used for some time into the future until the aforementioned server mods are completed. I'd suggest waiting until Sponge, the most widely supported of the lot, is complete as most Bukkit plugins will be ported to it, and for those that aren't you can use Pore.
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