What book should I buy to learn Java from 0

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by brianbriu, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Ass you can see in the title, I wanna learn Java from 0. I want to make plugins, from easy ones to hard ones. I already know some programming languages as, html, css3, php. But Java is the next level for me. I live in Germany but I want a book in english. I know that here are already some good programmers so I ask for your help.
  2. You can use Internet tutorials like on youtube (search on youtube or if you don't want to search on youtube just go directly to thenewboston, many people recommend him) or on Google.
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    thenewboston is how I had learned, but the thing about internet tutorials that I find is it teaches people to copy code, I had done that when I started and found it really hard to progress, make sure to watch the video and then listen to how he explains the code, that is how you learn.
  4. Thinking in Java is a free ebook that you can find in various places around the internet. Here's a link where you can read it but there are others where you can download a pdf version for free.
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    Although most people wouldn't like this or have this as an option but my high school offers an Intro to Java class
    learning terms and basics, and also just learning simple concepts like what makes Object Oriented Programming more expandable. They also offer an AP Java class but I have yet to take this as I feel I have learned a good amount on my free time since then with Minecraft.

    But it helps if you don't have this to just lookup tutorials do just simple steps. If you know the basics of how OOP and Java work you should be able to use a program like eclipse that although some may not like this feature will auto-complete things. I used this to learn about new aspects that I hadn't known about.
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