[WGEN] Wilderness v0.10 - Bring Structures and NPCs to the Infinite Wilderness [1000]

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    Wilderness - Bring Structures and NPCs to the Infinite Wilderness
    Version: 0.10

    This plugin is designed to randomly insert structure and MineQuest NPCs into newly generated chunks. This can allow you to discover shelter and healers in the wild when you get low on health and night falls.

    Randomly Inserted Healer:


    Randomly Inserted Farmer:

    Usage and Config Tutorial:

    MineQuest (>= 0.61) (for NPCs)

    Latest Downlads can be found at http://www.theminequest.com/node/35

    Being brand new there will likely be many.
    Please Report Bugs at http://bugs.theminequest.com/projects/wilderness

    Version 0.10:
    *Initial Release
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    Cool D:
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    Hm....MineQuest. Could you add support for Citizens? If possible that is...
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    Looks good, approved
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    Fix support for PermissionsBukkit/Superperm's and Citizens and I will try this out :)
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    This looks awesome! I'm definitely going to roll this out on my server once 1.8 comes out and we start a new world, it'll be a surprise for my players when they find these scattered around! *squeals in glee* x3
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    jmonk also wrote MineQuest that is the reason for the support. Though citizens support would be really cool
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    watched! this sounds great. would love to see citizens support as well but i would consider switching to minequest just for this...even though that would require me to restructure my whole server setup lol...sounds amazing. good work.

    edit - oh i didnt realize you wrote minequest too lol...i guess citizens support is not a priority then? oh well off to read up on minequest...
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    ^ This and i'm Happy!

    This sounds really nice ;)
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    Actually you would be surprised at what jmonk is willing to do for the community.

    But, do give MineQuest a try. There truly is not another plugin like it. Add into that the fact that there is now a world script that allows you to do things like opening a gate based upon your reputation.... There are just a lot of things that can be done with it!
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    yeah it looks awesome but using it would basically require me to scrap my whole server and start over. we are using mcmmo/easyrpg/citizens/quest plugin etc etc and everyone seems to like it how it is (not that i have a huge donating user base or anything lol its just for a few buddies basically). i will probably set up a test server and have a look at it..maybe show some of my players around and see what they think. i absolutely love the idea of random npc encounters at a worldgen level...but with my current setup i could almost fake it by putting crazy old men out in the woods handing out quests and things like that...
  12. do i need civilizations for this orsomething? like that plugin which gives the npc? or only the MineQuest and Wilderness?
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    Aidan Moseley

    I run my server with this and it always fails to download the wilderness.config file, is there any way to get it other than this?
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    Try again now
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    Aidan Moseley

    got another problem now, i copied those .house files and saved them as my own .house files and also saved the names.txt too and changed the wilderness.config with what it shows, but after i run it i get an error saying that it cannot find the directory wildernesss/names

    EDIT: also the grab_structure doesn't seem to work
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    your names file is actually names.txt. Change the config setting to:

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    Aidan Moseley

    that didnt work either
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    did you put everything in a directory. Whatever FileDir is set to you have to create a directory called that and put everything else inside (except wilderness.config).
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    Ok... hrm...

    Your Wilderness folder is in your main CraftBukkit folder right? Or do you have it saved somewhere else?

    Also, is your server on a Windows system of Linux? If it is Linux, your file and folder names *are* case sensitive.
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    Yea I know, I was merely just asking for Citizens Support.
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    Aidan Moseley

    problem solved thanks
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    Good.. which one did it? Just so we can track where the issues are and make the documentation better.
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    Aidan Moseley

    it was the not having the wilderness directory because i didnt realise this was what I needed,i posted some questions in the minequest aswell if you can answer them too thanks in advance :D
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    This is an awesome plugin!
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    This whould be more awesomer with citizens ;D
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    Um citizen support?
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    Now we need randomly generated towns and cities ;) haha maybe one day in the future xD
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    Already possible, take a look at Phoenix Terrain Mod. It has support for custom made structures on terrain generation, such as houses, ruins, anything, really. Used alongside this and MineQuest, you can have a really dynamic, interesting world. (Especially if you have human mobs spawn, like I do. xD)
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    do they move and stuff?
    do they actually heal and farm?
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    err it didnt make a config for me CB#1K, W7(test server) liunx(main)

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