[WGEN/FUN] IceLands v0.1 [1.0.1-R1]

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    This does not generate a world by itself, but should work with multiworld plugins that support custom generators
    It just provides a generator which can generate a frozen world.
    Since i have little spare time i can't work on my first plugin alot, so i decided to stop with that one for a while and focus on school. with the little spare time i did have i tried to make something for christmas that still has something to do with adventure. this area may look simple and easy to play in, but can be tough as the only mineral underneath the snow is stone and bedrock. to help people i put in some christmas trees with some stuff to play around with (like dirt, seeds, gold, iron, cobblestone, tools, armour and weapons) to help them surviving in this area. the hills are quite smooth compared to the normal minecraft terrain, and you barely need to jump to get on top of a large hill. the bad thing about this: this also goes for the mobs.
    Have a nice christmas everyone :)

    Additional information:
    this plugin may not be updated alot due to lack of time for the developer


    Download link:
    IceLands v0.1

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    • Christmas tree like trees
    • chests with goodies under these trees
    • LOTS of snow
    • frozen sea

    Changelog: Version 0.1
    • release
    older changes
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    none yet
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    Looks very nice, especially how you smoothed out the height like that. Just wondering, are they close enough to walk across without jumping?
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    Yes, the snow tile height is a rather nice idea. Never would have thought of that myself.
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    @xpansive the when the snow fills more than half of the block it works like a slab, you can just walk over it. the hills generated are sometimes a bit steep and require jumping
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    this kinda seems like its copying the christmas generator....
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    If you changed the Christmas trees to something else, I would probably download and use it as an alternate world for my players to use. I say this as Christmas is now over, and everyone is back to work and school, so christmas trees wouldn't work so well... I don't know how else you could get those items though... maybe you could do like little "npc" villages with chests with these things, with or without the actual squidwards. But make them rare :p And you would need to put other trees in instead of Christmas trees so people could get wood :p I'm just brainstorming, but I'm sure you could make this a very nice plugin that can be used all year round, rather than just at Christmas time :)
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    I installed it on my bukkit server, but I can't find any of this biome? Is there any chance you could make a config file that controls how rare they are?
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    Crashed my server XD
    used multiverse
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    That's pretty cool! Is there a way you could make it snow all the time? (or at least most of the time?) Also, maybe make both the chests and the red "ornaments" (wool) on the trees configurable so you can choose whether or not to have them? Lastly, what is the name of the generator? is it just "IceLand?" Thanks for the awesome new winter wonderland!

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