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Discussion in 'General Help' started by echo9999, Oct 15, 2015.

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    Hi guys! So a few weeks ago i had an awesome minecraft server me and my friends were working on. It was up for about a year before that with no issues. Then, a few weeks ago I went on vacation. When I got back and now try to get onto the server, it just pings out. The server still starts up and I can join via Localhost, but my IP is no longer working for the server. Is there any resolution to this issue?
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

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    it has not; that was my first thought too but the ip address is still constant.

    hmmm any other ideas out there?

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    Go to and toss your ip & port in there and see if it can see you. If not, then you should try re-port forwarding as your IPv4 address might have changed, even if your external IP hasn't.
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    Two IPs to worry about in your situation - the LAN IP address which may have changed and would make port-forwarding send packets off to nowhere, or the external WAN IP address. So "it didn't change" doesn't suggest you've checked both scenarios.
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