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    Well i thought it was spelled like that. But it is Deutsch close enough for an inglis person lol. i mean English.
  2. @patey

    Good news, it works!
    Il will do some more testing, but it looks good.
    Maybe work on a automatic version, but i don't have an idea how to do it, PlayerMove-Event seems to be a little hard as i said.

    The achievement looks like this:


    1 : 1 : POI Testing Facility : When discovered, you will become a hero! : discover : 312,64,1985 : 20 : 1 : :

    312,64,1985 is default coordinate
    20 means the range in which the achievement will be granted

    Now Achievements can trigger Location-Events!
    Set a location to discover as an achievement and when a user is near this point, he will get the achievement!

    Next Step: devide the new feature into automatic (onPlayerMove) for discovery and manuel (command) for treasurehunt

  3. would be a nice idea to update the first post though by this time. It still has 766 as latest build :D
  4. I know, till weekend i want to start all plugins at
    After that i will go an update this page ^^
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    so just reading some of the posts, are you making your own stats.jar and achievement.jar to get ride of the other dudes plugin? If so I will be deleting them.
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  6. Absolutely correct!
    But it still will be Stats.jar and Achievements.jar because i'm using and upgrading the original version.
    It will also use the original config files and add new parameters.
    So it's easy for you.

    For compatibility i am using Vault!!
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    hey what about this being added. how the search bar is done. I once again was going to do that, but you seem like mr. I GET SHIT DONE. lol. If you dont do that. I am going to see how you coded your ID page and see if i can even add it in.
  8. For some reason webstats don't use the default achievement sql tables. Is there any reason why you diverted from the default list and use ws_tablename? (when using the old mods conversion page that is.)
  9. @cky2250
    This feature was wished before, will add it in on of the next features.

    Webstats was developed to use the achievements.txt file, because when i programmed it, i didn't mentioned, that there was a sql version, too ^^
    I will redesign it.
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  10. well either that or create a conversion page from flatfile to sql which uses the new table values ;) also I believe your table lacks the enabled column(well the old zip I had downloaded here somewhere ;) ) which apparently gave an error in the console because of it :)
  11. Oh i have to redesign alot for Achievements, because i redesigned Achievements itself. :)
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  12. i want to know if this plugin is better than Stats, for real, cuz Stats causes a lot of lag in my server and we have 25gb ram and the only plugin what cause lag to our server is the Stats, so i dont want to download this one till be sure if it work with out lag...
  13. This plugin is Stats. Do you already tried the "newest" version of the original author?

    It has become some improvement within it's saving tasks.
    But i never heard of performance issues before and i saw servers with alot of people using this.
    Do you tried disabling some of it's logging features?

    I am working with this latest version and improved it's logging possibilities.
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    hey since your editing the stats can you get ride of the ingame stats command or put it into the config. so the mcmmo stats can be used. or just change the name of it. thanks.
  15. Can you give me some good examples ... or ... maybe ... ok give me some good examples.
    I will have a look, maybe i can make the command configurable per config.
  16. I have the last version of Stats, u suggest me any option for disable it and improve the plugin?
  17. Are you using flatfile or mysql?
    stats-log-block-ignite = true   #disable/enable logging of block ignite events
    stats-log-blockcreate = true   #disable/enable logging blockcreate
    stats-log-blockdestroy = true   #disable/enable logging blockdestroy
    stats-log-damage-events = true   #disable/enable logging of damage AND death events
    stats-log-itemuse = true   #disable/enable logging of item use events
    stats-log-move = true   #disable/enable logging player move events
    stats-log-player-animations = true   #disable/enable logging of player-animations (armswing)
    stats-log-vehicle = true   #disable/enable logging of vehicle events
    stats-login-delay = 1800   #limit between login-count increases
    Tried disabling some of these and testing again?

    Both plugins are now available:

    Stats 2.0

    Achievements 2.0

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  20. Oh thx, fixed it.
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    how long does it take for a review. This is the longest wait for a plugin lol.
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    Can you give us a download to stats2.0 , no download on bukkitdev
  24. Don't know why they need so long for approval.
    When they do the download will be active.
    Before tomorrow morning i'm not able to upload the file to another place.
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    mediafire if they still do not have it up. :)
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  27. You can find both on dev.bukkit :)
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    No i mean the download for the core module
  29. Ok here we go!

    Webstatistic for Minecraft: prerelease v1.10b

    • redesigned image-cache for player images
    • integrated id-list (id - picture - name) -> Module 1.8.1
    • integrated recipe-overview -> Module WIP
      • when clicking on a item-link the stats are shown with all recipes the item is used for
    • player-search
      • at the moment only integrated at stats - default page WIP
    • reimplementation of achievements-installer
      • Guide at the bottom of this post
    • integration of McMMO WIP! :)
    • update for MC 1.9 (waiting for final release)
    • advanced admin statistics (example: playtime last 24h, 48h, 72h, ...)
    • better search-tool
    • finish recipes
    • add custom recipes (already possible, but only with customization of config.php)
    • support of non sql-plugins (not-encoded flatfile) -> a little tricky, but possible for server-admins

    Here we go again. I introduced the Achievements-installer a long time ago, but then i forgot this tool and some of you still have problems installing it.
    What do we need for preparation:
    1. Achievements.txt (you will find it inside you plugin-directory of Minecraft)
      1. Copy it inside the achievements-install directory of Webstatistics
      2. modules/achievements-install/Achievements.txt
    2. Controll your database-configuration inside: modules/achievements/config/config.php
      1. The installer will use the default achievements-configuration!
    3. Go to your webstats-page and use this link:
      1. index.php?mode=achievements-install
    4. There should'nt be any problems, the tool will list all achievements and the last line will be:
      1. Database created successfully!
    5. That's all, but remember:
      1. This module will only work if you use the sql-version of Achievements!!!
    Downloads version: prerelease 1.1b

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