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  1. Webchat - Chat with the game on the website.

    Version: v2.0

    On this page you will see action this plugin: http://q-minecraft.pl


    1. Extract the archive.
    2. Move chat2 to the directory web page. In the place where you want to have a chat add
      <?php include 'chat2/index.php'; ?>
    3. You need to edit settings.php.
    4. Move WebChat.jar to the plugin folder in your bukkit serwer.
    5. Reload server, You'll see the errors is normal. Stop the server and edit a configuration file.
    6. You need to create a database in mysql: chatMC or change database in settings.
    7. Run server.
    I moved this topic here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/webchat/
    Please do not post in this topic, I will not update it or answer the questions in it.

    Download: http://q-serw.pl/storage/chat2.0.rar
    Version 2.0 may have some errors. I will try to fix them in version 2.1


    Version 2.0
    • Plugin is written in Java.
    • Added sql file.
    • Added a basic css file.
    • Added ability to write from the website.
    • Fixed display of duplicate messages.
    • Improved code readability.
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed bugs related with mysql
    Version 1.0
    • First release.

    • Adding possibilities of writing a chat with the website.
    • Writing the code more accessible
    • Adding a sample template css.
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  3. I write there a new post? Because I can not move, and the moderators probably is not here?
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    ^^ all your base are belong to us.
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  5. ???
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    We are on Web2.0 -_-

    Joke :D
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    report your post, should be moved then.
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    Clever idea to look at the logs but wouldn't it be more efficient to write a java plugin that sends chat lines directly to the db?

    A couple of points:
    It doesn't seem very future proof. If my quick look at your python script is right - you're searching the server.log for "2011" with other terms? What happens next year?
    Also logging onto a database as root? You should make a user with limited permissions.
  10. I can not write in Java, its only going to learn. I wanted to have the plugin on the website. I had to invent something, this is a result of this plugin.
    Write a new version for 2012
    You can change the username in the script to another.
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    but really, read those guidelines
  12. I read, that i did something wrong ?
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    Your post is not formatted properly. It needs to be formatted according to the guidelines...
  14. I changed a little (I hope that now it looks better). This is my firstforum lingual English. Please be patient and precise to say what I am doing wrong here.
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    How about having the interpreter with the download. It would be helpful :)
  16. As to the format in your first post, you need to add a change log with the last two versions (if applicable).
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    King Rat

    Nice to see people using the Python interpreter, good work!
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    changelog is missing, did you really read those guidelines?
  19. Thank you very much for the reply from the changelog.
    Edited post. Is it now okay?
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    Plugin looks promising, Don't like the irc concept of chatting.

    Can't wait for this feature: Adding possibilities of writing a chat with the website.
    Will start to use it when that's implemented.

    Maybe forge it in with HeroChat Channels? make a HeroChatChannel to view and talk to your webchat.
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    can you supply us with a .sql file to import? I don't know what type of table I am supposed to create
  22. @seriosbrad
    The file silnik.php you create tables.

    I have not used this plugin. As I will have time to see what we can do
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    It does not work for me...
    I started chat.py but the cmd window dont show anything.
    My Website doesn't show anything, too.
    What ist wrong?

    Python 2.7
  24. @qixx
    any error you do not show? What do you use the system?
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    Windows 7ultimate x64
  26. @qixx
    List of players must be in "<>" example "<player>"
    You have to set permission
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    Oh, I have to install Bukkit Permissions?
  28. @qixx
    Yes, you have to.
    And you have to set:
    prefix: '<+name>'

    To login was "<>".
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    After a ton of manual work and getting the MYSQL library installed, etc.

    I run ./chat.py and after pressing the return key, nothing happens.

    It is in the same directory as 'server.log'.
    The database information is correct.
    The table exists.
    No rows are being inserted though. Even if someone sends a message.

    My current chat.py:
    #importowanie potrzebnych bibliotek
    import MySQLdb
    import time
    import re
    ######## DEMON SETTINGS ############
    # mysql
    haslo="***"     # password
    baza="chatMC"    #database
    # others settings
    log_file="server.log"              # path to the log file
    # open file
    def search_in_file(File):
      f = open(File, "rb");
      # back to end file
      f.seek(-300, 2);
      #read 300 char
      tag = f.read(300)
      b=re.findall("<", tag)
      while len(b) > a:
        if d.find("<") != -1:
      return dane
    # mysql connect
    conn =MySQLdb.connect(host="localhost",user="root",passwd="***",db="chatMC",unix_socket="/opt/lampp/var/mysql/mysql.sock")
    c = conn.cursor()
    #funkcja filtrujaca
    def filtrowanie(C):
      B=search_in_file(log_file) #nowy zbior
      #print B
      for X in B:
        if (X in C)==False:
          print "-> "+  X
          c.execute("INSERT INTO chat (id, wpis) VALUES (NULL, '"+X.replace("",'')+"')")
      return C
    while 1:
    # [[33m


    Ok, attention all who read.

    If when you run ./chat.py and nothing appears, type a message in game and check back at the command console and you will see that it works.

    Dear plugin creator: I highly recommend you convert this to Java and use the java mySQL connector. You will get more users and it requires less work.

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