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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by jdf2, Mar 23, 2014.

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    Ive been working on this off and on so I hope everyone likes it:
    (Wow I wish I could resize that image without the need of an Image Editor.)

    What is it?
    It is a one page way to get all the plugins you need. A simple way to get the plugins you want without having to unzip each one by yourself. All you do is search, click, submit. Then download a zip of all your plugins. Even if the plugin is a zip file, it will be unzipped and ready to use. It even keeps the original zip file if you were to ever need it.​
    A one page way?
    In the middle you have the search area. On the right you have plugin information. And on the left you have a checklist of what plugins you want. Then you click Next and you're off to a brand new selection of plugins for your server!​
    Why did I make it?
    Mostly because my friends are always asking me to make them a server and host it on my computer. I do it. Then they want like ten-thousand plugins. So they start listing off these plugins they want. Well I can't remember every plugin. So thats why I made it. How did I think of the idea?: Well I didn't back in 2012 someone on the PlanetMinecraft forums posted this as an idea and nobody responded. That was back before I knew a lot about developing. Then I remembered it sometime in 2014 and began to work on it.​

    Coming soon:
    • User registration
    • Bukkit server set up. (Like it sets up the craftbukkit.jar and a run.bat for you)
    • Plugin compatibility check
    • More? Reply if you have some ideas.
    Way more to come!

    I know there are going to be bugs, many bugs. Thats part of why registration is disabled at the moment... (A bunch of bugs in the user system)
    So please if you see something that you don't think is right msg me or skype me: jdf221
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    Bugs fixed:
    1. Somtimes it wouldn't unzip the plugin if it had an extra . in the file name. Fixed now
    2. Fixed a jQuery based bug where it wouldn't always save your Plug name.
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    Site down?
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    Should be up now.
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