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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Adriani6, May 21, 2013.

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    A Tooltip which displays the username on hover would be nice I think
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    nice =)
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    Love CSS, hate PHP. Any help?

    Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in blah.../status/main.php on line 53

    Edit: Removed the & sign on line 53
    $retVal = socket_recv($socket, &$data, 1024, 0); //Get the info and store it in $data

    ... and got this?
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function socket_create() in /blah.../status/main.php on line 46
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    In the next update, which will be hopefully tomorrow.
    Looks; simple & clean. Might use it in next update.
    Thank you, glad you like it.
    Looks like you've messed with something. Try re-downloading the files, alternatively you can use my hosting services.

    Update 1.2 !
    - Display the username on hover
    - Font
    - Position of (Online/Slots)
    - Small website update

    In the next update;
    - Ability to add a custom offline message via the website.

    Download 1.2

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  6. Could you make an xenforo add-on from this?
    Or an xenporta block? That should be amazing
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    I have made the effort to create a video showing how to add it to xenforo.
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  8. Adriani6
    I'm not sure why signing up is necessary, but could you add a remove account option please :)

    Other than that, nice widget!
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    Seems to load very slow? My entire site loads slower? Any way to fix that?
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    Link me to your website.
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    Okay so the widget seems to load fine now. I do have another question. The widget says "No players in our crib ! :(" when we have 2 people on right now. I would like to fix that.
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    The fix is simple. Open your server.proporites and set query-enable to true. Restart the server and you're all set.
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    I Checked that mine is set to query-enable true. Would there be another reason its not working?
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    Highly doubt that. Stop your server open up server proporties enable query and save it then start your server up.
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    I like this! Can I edit it at all? Or would you prefer I left it alone? All I would do is change some of the styling.
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    Hey, thanks for sharing this cute little masterpiece! :)

    I've been trying to implement this into my Apache webserver but can't seem to get it working :/ I have edited config.php. I have enabled query in my server.properties, and it's proven to work by going here : http://meness.no-ip.biz/view.php . Anyway, so I made a new .html file and added in the <style> and <script> bits from the ReadMe.txt. Then I added in the iFrame bit with the src edited to the main.php in my folder.

    I try accessing the page, but it's just a blank page. So I added some text to check whether it was working. The text showed up but still your widget wasn't there...

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance!
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    As long as you still credit the original author.
    So widget shows online but no online players ?
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    No, nothing shows up at all. Unless I change the src to your demo.php...
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    Of course! I would never take work that isnt mine =)
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    Your website isn't loading for me. :/ (The download link)

    EDIT: @Adriani6, still noticed the website is down, anyway I can get a mirror?
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    @Adriani6 Still looking to get my hands on this. :/
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    links are down! please update!
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    Since the website is down, does anyone still have the file(s)?
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    I have all files and it will be re uploaded. I'm away from home and can't do so until 23rd.
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    The live example seems to be down too.
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    If you want a live example, you can look at my friends, on http://finemin.es (Not advertising, but it is functioning there.)
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    Thank you for updating it!

    Need help btw, sometimes I get this, though it still works sometimes:

    Online ( Notice: Undefined variable: playersOnline in /var/www/statusphp/path/main.php on line 97 Notice: Undefined variable: playersMax in /var/www/statusphp/path/main.php on line 97 /)
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