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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Drakia, Jul 30, 2011.

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    This is just a custom frontend to the Bukkit Plugin Search backend. I wrote this up really quickly because I didn't like the fact the Bukkit Plugin Search is all AJAX based. It works in all browsers I've tested it with, including the text-based browsers links and lynx.


    Since it runs on the same backend, the result should be identical on both sites. I may write my own backend later that syncs up with the Bukkit one as opposed to piggybacking off their backend, depending if I get bored this weekend.
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    Just updated this. It now has its own backend as opposed to piggybacking off the Bukkit API. It syncs up every ~2 hours (That's how often Bukkits plugin list updates, mine will be approx 15 minutes behind their).
    - Running on my own backend, somewhat faster as it doesn't need to parse JSON every request
    - Search has been tweaked, all search terms are OR'd
    - Tags are not searched, so if you search for "chat" it will NOT include every chat plugin, just ones with "chat" in their title.
    - Probably some more things I forgot.
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    Update - Aug 1, 2011:
    - Sync script now auto-scrapes topics for download link
    - Direct download link on plugins that support it (Requires a .zip, .rar or .jar download link in the plugin topic)

    There may be some issues with download links as it is automated. If you run into a plugin with the wrong link, please post here.

    Another update!
    There is now a CB Build column, this will show what build(s) the plugin works with. Again, this is automated data so there are a few oddities (Mainly from plugin authors putting things like 953-1000, 953/1000, etc in their topic instead of just one build). This column is sortable, but not currently searchable.
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    Matt Gill

    I like it. It's really clean and quick. I like the looks of the bukkit plugin list, but it seems bloated and slow :/ .
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    Another quick update:
    You can now sort by/search for specific Bukkit build compatibility, it's basic in that it only searches the build they say in the title (So if it says 953-1000 and you search for 956 it won't show up).
    Author now links to a search for all plugins by the author with another link to their profile beside their name.

    I am working on version checking, but it's a lot harder than I thought. There's no good PHP YML libraries out there, so I have to fall back to regex to fetch the version if it fails. There's also the fact a lot of the download links are wrong guesses (Linking to a library first, or even to the Bukkit download) and it's going to take a lot of manual input to get that working properly which I don't have the time for at the moment.
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    Thank you! The Plugin List isn't working for me (It used to, and When I click On tabs, they don't work.)
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    Added two new options on the bottom left, one is "Show All" which will show all results on one page for the current search. The other option is "Only Submissions" which will show only plugins in the Submissions forum for your current search :)
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    I've now added the ability to do a more refined search, it will search for the exact name as opposed to the word in the whole title. To do this either make a normal search and then click "Exact Title" or append | to the end of your search string. So if searching for 'Stargate|' you will get only Stargate and Stargate DHD, but not Wormhole Extreme. Searching for 'Permissions|' will no longer return every plugin with Permissions in its name, only those that start with Permissions :)

    Just a small bug, the Bukkit Plugin List is only returning 2000 results, instead of the 2029 it should be. This means the oldest ~29 plugins aren't being recorded in my database, so if you notice some missing plugins (iConomy for one) this is why. I'm in contact with lukegb to get it sorted out.
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    Netto Hikari

    I like this one, but I never really had any issues with plugins.bukkit.org. I made most of my servers plugins myself, but if I need some plugins from here, I just search for them real quick, copy the link and wget it to my server...

    No need for links or lynx or text based browsers...
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    I just offer a more refined faster search. I don't like entirely AJAX based things, especially for something as simple as plugin searches.
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    What will happen now that new plugins wont be posted on the forums anymore? (unfortunately)
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    Netto Hikari

    I'm sorry, I didn't want to offend your work. :) You did a great job, I just wanted to say that it's not useful for ME, but might be darn useful for OTHERS.
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    Sadly all of the information is gathered from the forums, so once that happens I will either need to change to scraping Curse, which they most likely won't allow, or take it down :(
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    The Bukkit plugin search is now pointing explicitly at plugins from dev.bukkit.org, my search engine is still using the plugin list from the forums for the time being though :)
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    data.php is pointing at dev.bukkit.org now, so you might want to turn scraping that off :p
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    way better than the complicated dev, but the dev does have a nice format
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    Noted, the change actually kicked in my failsafe update disabling, so I didn't end up losing any plugins.

    From now on no new plugins on the forum will be listed on http://p.thedgtl.net
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    The API has been switched back to the forums, so the list is updated again :)
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