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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Revi, Jan 12, 2013.

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    That's how it looks
    - Cache
    - Gradient
    - View online
    How to setup:
    Open skn.php, change
    $host ""# IP server
    $port "25684"# PORT server
    $time_update_cache 60// time update cache in seconds.

    How use:
    <img src="http://site.com/skn.php">

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    Download link? :)
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    What exactly does it monitor?
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    What does 21/21 mean? Could you provide more info on what this does/purpose?
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    >not beautiful anymore
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    Saw that on the rb ;)
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    This is script view online server
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    How is this beautiful monitoring? Just askin.
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    • Instigating Flame bait.
    Because it is "script view online server".
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    • Instigating Flame bait.
    u r just a dick u know!
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    According to the php script it simply does show you how many players/maxplayers are on the server. If the server is offline it would show "offline" instead.

    I would guess its called "beautiful" cause it shows you the player/maxplayer count instead of just "online" / "offline" as a port monitor would show you.
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    followed simple edit instruction > inserted skn.php into my website directory > placed html code into the index.
    all i get is a blank box: www.minecrap.co/skn.php

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    CayleRose the cache folder was not created. I would guess in a default apache environment you would have to create the directory first (cause usually you dont have write permission, only read permission to that folder) and change the owner of that directory to the webservers username it may be www-data but depends what distribution you use.

    Usually its the same as /var/www. Check with ls -la when in var folder.
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    Those words are maybe too strong, but he needs to pipe down with his stupid comments about how x language sucks.

    Sushi, If you're so great, and you knowledge about everything is beyond our, why not make your own language ?
    The one, that won't lack anything, the perfect one without any errors... ?
    Just wondering... because at each project which includes Php etc, you only complain.
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    The site isnt hosted on my computer. I'm just trying ti figure out how to work this.
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    CayleRose well, as i have told you in my previous post: Please check if the cache folder was created if not create it and change the owner of that directory to the webservers users (usually www-data) or for testing set the access rights to 777.
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    Thanks for your help, but I made the cache folder, the did the 777 permissions. I see an image now, but it keeps saying "oflline" typo by the author, but its red, offline, etc.. But my server is indeed online and has players on right now. I checked the IP, IP is the same as my server, checked the port, port is the same as my server (25565), so i have no clue what is wrong with it. The website is www.MineCrap.co
    Any idea?
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    CayleRose maybe they changed the connection packet a bit so the php script has to be updated. Or you would have to use the servers ip instead of a dns name.
  19. If you hate php, then how would you take a crack @ this?
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    Something that isn't PHP? Ruby, Python, Java, C#, Scala, anything.
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    Sushi Why do you hate PHP so much? It works fine. The only thing that I personally do not like in it is how inconsistent it is in naming functions, but I really do not see any other problems.
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    Well, time to stop using PHP and start using COBOL. Clearly anything is better than PHP, right?
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    Damn, I'm so sad about this. Is there another one out there like this? There has to be.. :(
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    Java has some serious problems too, but there really is no better language. None of the languages you have shown are any better or worse than PHP.
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    Yeah, they're all better.
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    It all comes down to personal opinions.
    Leave it, and stop commenting bullshit on other topics about certain language. If we wanted we could do that under each project and so far, Sushi, you're doing it under almost all projects with PHP :p
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    I'll ask again, is there another script like this that works? TNT's server homepage has one, I cant find one at all. If i knew how to make one i would.
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    Pft. FORTRAN is the way to go!

    Oh, sorry, too high level?
    Motorola 68k assembler.
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    As i really like the work of Revi here is a sligthly improved version of the script.

    http://pastebin.com/PSSK6yqa (sadly the formatting is a bit off, but I hope you can read it)

    Name it online.php and create a folder named cache. Give it 777 and enjoy.

    You can switch the image format via get param f call it via online.php?t=jpg or gif. PNG is default.

    Edit: tagged CayleRose

    Edit edit: You may sometimes get offline when hitting F5 too hard. Cause the connection times out then. But it should be OK if you keep the timeout at 60.
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