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    Version: v0.9.5-fix3
    Webukkit is a http interface for Bukkit.

    • Stats pages : top 10 builders, killers, travelers, etc. based on the Stats Plugin
    • GUI Plugins (see screenshots) for :
      • Permissions plugin
      • Achievements plugins
    • Show a map of your world (with an url like dynmap or a image file like mcmap)
    • Show/modify/backup your plugins configuration files
    • Access to some commands of TCP Plugin (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admin-dev-tcp-interface-for-bukkit-v1-1-297.746/) :
      • Send a message to a connected player
      • Send a message to all players connected
      • Kick a player
      • Display player's inventory
      • Destroy an item in the player's inventory
      • Give item to a player
    • Access to Remote Toolkit Plugin (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...view-full-remote-console-access-r10-a7-1.674/) :
      • Restart server
      • Restart forced server
      • Stop server
      • Stop Minecraft server
      • Start Minecraft server
      • Send console command and watch the result (ban, kick, op, deop, deban, etc.)
    • Interaction with Permissions plugin : allows users to register and be automatically listed in the Permissions plugin with a choosen world and a choosen group
    • Access to the server log
    • Theme support, you can made your own theme ! (Minecraft theme is provided, see screenshots)
    • Permissions for the website : ability to access map & stats pages for public/registered users
    Planned/Todo :

    - Edit profile for users : add avatar option for stats pages - (not started yet, planned for the 1.0)
    - Signature generator : make signature with player's stats - (not started yet, planned for the 1.0)
    - GUI for GroupManager : i'm waiting for the YAML fix or for the SQLite version of GM...
    - Mini blog engine : add posts and comments in the Public interface (not started yet, maybe for the 1.0 version)
    - Replace TCP Remote Plugin by my own plugin : RemoteTCP (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/dev-remotetcp-v1-0-crypted-server-query-602.10506/), more secure, more faster.


    You will need :
    • HTTP server with mod_rewrite support
    • MySQL 5
    • PHP 5.2 or greater (or PHP 5 but with json package)
    Download (open)

    You can download the archive here : http://code.google.com/p/bukkit-webadmin/downloads/list

    You can access the source code here : http://code.google.com/p/bukkit-webadmin/source/checkout

    Screenshots (open)

    Webukkit permissions (Theme : minecraft)
    Gui for Achievements (Theme : minecraft)
    Stats page (with Stats plugin) (Theme : minecraft)
    Installation Windows
    Connexion Windows
    Configuration Windows
    Map Windows (with dynmap)
    Map Windows (with integrated viewer - mcmap example)
    Log Windows
    Plugin Editor Windows
    Status Windows : Server command & Player command & Player inventory
    GUI for Permissions plugin

    Installation (open)

    A tutorial was write for installation, look at this : Tutorial step 1

    You must have an HTTP server AND a MySQL base AND PHP Version >5.2 (for json thanks to zajacmp3 ;))
    1. Unzip the archive in your html root folder.
    2. Go to http://yourserver/index.php/installer/ and follow instructions.
    Linux Users, attention :
    • The files unzipped must be owned by the apache group !
    • If you want to modify config file for plugins, the minecraft directory must be writable by the apache group !
    Install these scripts to the same server that host Minecraft if you want to edit config files of plugins.

    If you want to use TCP Bukkit Interface, it's must be configured with this option :

    Upgrade to 0.7 (open)

    From 0.5beta : please don't do an upgrade with the 0.5beta, it's better to do a fresh install.
    From 0.6beta : is not necessary, uncompress the 0.7beta archive and run it's enough.

    Instructions :

    1. Unzip the archive into your Bukkit Webadmin directory (be careful to the rights)
    2. Go to http//yourserver/updater and generate the tables you don't have.

    Interaction with Permissions plugin (open)

    I've tested this functionnality with Permissions Plugin 2.1.
    Be carefull : do a backup of your config file "yml" before.

    This functionnality let your users to register on the site and automaticaly be added to the Permissions Plugin.
    You choose the default group and default world for new users.
    This functionnality is not mandatory, it's an option, you can choose to activate it or not.

    For enabling this functionnality, go in the config menu, check "Use Permissions plugin" and choose the default world and default group. The group list is calculated dynamically on the configuration file of Permissions plugin.

    Each time a user registers on the site, a new entry is added into config "yml" file of Permissions plugins. If you use the Nukkit plugin (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...-web-based-authentication-and-promotion.4631/) the permissions will be automatically reloaded, if not you must reload manually configuration of Permissions plugin.
    If you want to reload automatically permissions plugins, click on the chekbox "Reload permissions after new register ?" (warning it's experimental). You must have RemoteToolkit Plugin enabled and correctly configured.

    How to made your own theme (open)

    Theme files must be in the directory /theme
    The name of the directory will be the name of your theme, it will be visible in the config menu.
    In your theme directory, make CSS and IMG directory.
    Inside CSS, put your ... CSS files :) You must have 3 CSS :
    • "default.css" - General CSS for the website
    • "jquery-ui-1.8.9.custom.css" - You can generate CSS at this url : http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/
    • "selectmenu.css" - CSS for the dropdown langage selector
    Inside IMG, put all images files necessary for your theme.

    For example, you want to design a theme called "NochtheBest".
    Create a directory named "NochtheBest" in "Theme" directory.
    Create a CSS and IMG in "NochtheBest", copy your CSS and IMG files inside them.
    You will have :
    \ - Theme
    \ - NotchtheBest​
    \ - CSS​
    \ - IMG​

    Done! You can change your theme in the config menu to "NotchtheBest"

    Changelog (open)

    version 0.9.5-fix3 - 2011-04-16
    • Fix a bug with achievement editor
    • Fix a bug for the path of items.txt
    version 0.9.5-fix2 - 2011-04-14
    • Fix for Stats & Achievements v0.9
    version 0.9.5-fix1 - 2011-03-22
    • Remove test menu :p
    version 0.9.5 - 2011-03-21
    • Add SQL support for Stats & Achievements plugin
    • Add support for Stats & Achievements plugin v0.8
    • Fix a bug for a trailing slash in the main root url
    • Add singlequote instead of doublequote for YAML config file
    version 0.beta9 - 2011-03-13
    • Add theme support
    • Add permissions for website (for stats & map)
    • Add stats pages (with Stats plugin)
    • Add group and user management for webukkit
    • Add GUI for Achievements plugin
    • Add an option for reloading Permissions plugin when a user is registered (experimental)
    • Full french translation
    version 0.beta8 - 2011-03-11
    • Add a php version check for the installer
    • Add a langage selector (French is translated "petit à petit") - Thanks to Amrac !
    • Add a GUI for Permissions plugins
    • Modify the registration system for new users into Permissions plugins, add the world option
    • Fix a bug with trailing slash in the minecraft path
    • Fix a bug in core.php for the UTC time zone
    Version 0.beta7 - 2011-03-01
    • The name is now "Webukkit" instead of "Webadmin Bukkit"
    • Subdirectory feature : you can now install Webukkit in a subdirectory instead of a root web directory
    • Add an edit button for editing template plugin
    • Fix a bug images displayed in inventory when you use subdirectory
    • Add a log windows : now you can see the log server.
    • You can send command to the console in the "log" menu (be careful it's experimental, use it at your own risk).
    • Add another map system, you can now use a standard image file for displaying map instead of a url for dynmap (the image file must be stored in /maps/images)
    • Ajax request don't block the windows now, a simple "wait cursor" is now displayed when an Ajax request is made
    Version 0.beta6 - 0211-02-24
    • Fix a bug when the plugin name contain a space, the plugin tab did not display the config file.
    • In the installer, you can now choose if you want to create a database or use a existing one, you can also set the prefix for tables.
    • You don't need anymore to be root of the database for creating tables and inject data, a valid account with privilege is enough.
    • Add licence information
    • Add "hold" and "unhold" command for Remote toolkit
    • Automaticaly add registered users to Permissions Plugin with a default choosen group (it's an option, you can uncheck this feature if you want)
    • Add some verifications check in the register panel
    • Add user management in the config tab
    • Add a button in the 'Edit plugin' menu for deleting old config file
    • Add new items from the Minecraft 1.3 version
    Version 0.beta5 - 2011-02-21
    • Remove the rewriting process, no more .htaccess !
    • Major change in directories structures
    • Add a user registration (for later)
    • Various minors fixes and checks
    Version 0.beta4 - 2011-02-18
    • Add Remote toolkit support (it's now possible to restart the server)
    • Add UTF-8 support for config file (Gastronomic plugin for example)
    • During the update it is now possible to import new templates plugins
    • During the installation, the "tmp" directory AND subdirectories are write-checked
    • CSS cleaning
    • Remove some useless function (the status windows display faster now)
    • Windows in the inventory panel are moveable
    • All always, some minors bugs fixed
    Version 0.beta3 - 2011-02-16
    • Add inventory management
    • Change the status windows
    • Add a check for installation for security (if a file exist, you can't install anymore)
    • Add an updater processus
    Version 0.beta2 - fix 2
    • Add verification of permissions in the installer process and the config process.
    Version 0.beta2 - fix 1
    • Many littles fixes for Linux system
    Version 0.beta2
    • First release to the public

    0.beta9.5 is still free, but you can donate.

    v1.0 will cost 5€ when it will be done.


    PS : sorry for my bad English, i'm a French native ;)

    Thanks to MonsieurApple for his Minelink PHP Class (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/minelink-0-1.3564/)

    Tested on :
    Windows 7 - Xampp 1.7.3
    Windows XP - Xampp 1.7.3
    Linux ClearOS 5.1 - Apache/PHP 5/MySQL 5.2
    Centos 5.3 - You must upgrade PHP to 5.2 => http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/PHP_5.1_To_5.2

    Tested with :
    CraftBukkit build 617
    Permissions plugin 2.5.4
    TCP Plugins 1.2
    Remote Toolkit plugin r10 a8.2
    Stats & Achievements v0.9
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    How do I add new standard users to the website?
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    You can't for the moment, you can only edit them.
    Maybe i'll add this feature in the futur.
  4. Somehow i cant get the achievements to show correctly.

    Its installed with default config v0.9.
    The stats are displaying correctly tho.

    Any idea what this could be?
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    Do you mean Achievements GUI editor ?
    Have you an example of bad showing ?
    Thanks you.
  6. No no, i mean that its completly not showing any achievements currently, altho the stats are working and it is showing an option to show/not show the achievement.

    Just plain the achievements, like map and stats are listed on the mainpage for visitors/members/admins.
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    Ok, i'm understand :) it's "normal" i don't have yet coded the display interface for Achievement, it's on the way :)
    Maybe in this month, i don't know exactly when.
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    Can't get it to recognize the minecraft path. It keeps saying path does not exist.
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    A WE SO ME

    hell, I love it. so good work ;)
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    Ouch, sorry i can't see why.
    If you have teamviewer i can help you.
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    Yes please, just tell me when.

    Sorry about that double post, forums were being mean to me -_-

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    Check Config = loading = no error + no result
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    No matter how I try it I can't get webukkit work fully. I can't get the console window and stats page to work. I believe it's an issue with directory permissions. When I configured webukkit for the first time it said my minecraft path and "plugin" subdirectory was writable. But when I booted up the server it tells me it's not. I think this is the issue why the console and stats page wont show, due to insufficient permissions.

    It's very strange since I can access my plugins in the list and write changes to them. Something in my minecraft directory or plugins directory must be changing permissions.


    I fixed the console log issue. my server.log was to big lol... :p

    Now only remains the Stats page which give me this error :

    Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object in /home/minecraft/public_html/cake/libs/model/datasources/dbo/dbo_sqlite3.php on line 209
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    I'll look at this today.
    I think to change the backup directory, because backup directory for plugins edition is in minecraft dir. And there are issues with Linux permissions.
    For dbo_sqlite3, i'll look at this.
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    Thank you man. Your plugin is really awesome.
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    for sqlite, it should be a PHP configuration for sqlite support.
    Please can you check if Apache/Php is configured with SQLite support ? (in php.ini you must have a line with Sqlite).
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    Hi! It works like a charm now! I'm really grateful, thank you! :)
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    Just some heads up. After the new version of the achievement plugin, achievements is no longer listed on the webukkit page :(
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    I don't think to have time this week-end for fixing it... and donations was so poorly (well, 0 + 0 = 0 ...) :( i don't think to support it anymore.
    Maybe i can fix it quickly, or not.
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    I'm using stats with mysql but webukkit tries to connect to stats.db, config file for stats also has moved to /plugins/Stats/stats.properties

    please make it configurable where to call stats from...

    ok... deleted comment in the database line and everything is working fine...

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    I can't see to get the map to work (dynmap), whenever I click on the map button a little border loads but there is no map inside.
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    If you type directly your dynmap url in the adress bar of your browser, what it does display ?
    Can you give me the url of your dynmap please ?
    Thank you.

    Hi everybody,
    some news.
    After a long reflexion, i've decided to maintain Webukkit (or Bukkit Webadmin) BUT next versions will not be free.
    v1.0 will cost about 5€ (but it will be free for actual donators)

    I have find why : correct spelling of "achievements-definitions-sql" :p Author of Stats&Achievements plugin have changed the word.
    Fixed in the new version, or you can change 3 lines in plugins_controller.php :
    Search & remplace :

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    Thank you. I will gladly pay 5€ for your plugin.
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    Version updated for stats & achievements v0.9
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    When I type in the url I get the map. The url is tewaserver.dyndns.org:8123.
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    it seems like i cant get webukkit work 100%.
    I desperatly try to implement the Stats feature but im always getting this error:

    Warning (2): Wrong parameter count for stristr() [APP/controllers/components/statsdata.php, line 98]
    [SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Verdana]Stats database (stats.db) not found![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
    (see here: http://www.epidcraft.de/server)

    The Achievements dont work either:

    Warning (2): Wrong parameter count for stristr() [APP/controllers/components/statsdata.php, line 71]
    Notice (8): Undefined variable: achs [APP/views/elements/plugins_showach.ctp, line 2]
    Warning (2): Invalid argument supplied for foreach() [APP/views/elements/plugins_showach.ctp, line 2]
    Notice (8): Undefined variable: count [APP/views/plugins/showguiach.ctp, line 163]Nb of Achievements :
    Notice (8): Undefined variable: count [APP/views/plugins/showguiach.ctp, line 164]
    what am I doing wrong?

    I think its because of the minecraft folder (Config > Minecraft Path) which isnt writeble. I already chmodded the minecraft (and plugins) folder but its still displayed as "not writeble". Please tell me if you need any screenshots!

    Im running apache2 on ubuntu (where Minecraft Server is installed too)

    Thanks in advance!
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    still doesn't seem to be working for me, even with the permission 'archievements viewable by' set to 'public' i can't see any 'archievements' page for users.
    Using the 'Plugins GUI' i am unable to delete archievements
    also the remote toolkit doesn't seem to be working. it only gives me a big red circle...
    And when clicking on 'Inv' to edit someones inventory, i am unable to edit the inventory and this pops up in de server console:
    02:40:01 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-647"
    02:40:01 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    02:40:01 [SEVERE]       at derp.llama.tcp.Client.run(Client.java:318
    and last, a lot of things just don't work when using Internet Explorer.
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    For the moment achievements view for user is not enabled.

    Please can you tell me if you use sqlite for Stats or Mysql ? Can your apache user/group access to stats.db file ?

    Try to add a "/" in the end of Minecraft path. I'll fix it in the future.

    Yeah, i have this too. Fixed in the 0.9.5 fix3

    It seems that RemoteTCP have a bug :(
    I'm working on a new version with my own plugin : more simple, more secure, more fast.

    Internet explorer is not compatible with Webukkit, or Webukkit is not compatible with Internet Explorer, as you want :)

    I can't access to your dynmap :(
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    The server was down last night try again.
    Actually DynMap isn't working right now with 670.

    Edit: Never mind I fixed it. The server and map are up.
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    I've tested and it's work :)
    Best regards and thanks you for your donation :)
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    The map still does not show up in webbukkit.
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