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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Fishfish0001, Jan 14, 2013.

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    From the creator of Fishbans, comes Fishstats, the highly awaited service allowing server administrators to get detailed information about their server without the hassle and confusion of conventional methods!

    Fishstats is a simple service that allows server administrators to view statistics such as who connects to the server the most, where people are playing from, how many blocks are broken each day, week, and month, users favorite blocks, and more!

    You can sign up for the service over at Fishstats. The plugin can be downloaded from BukkitDev, or you can compile it from our Open Source GitHub repo. We welcome any suggestions you may have. The plugin is completely open source, and API documentation can be found on our docs page.

    How long is data stored on your server?
    It depends on the data. Information such as chats and commands sent by players to the server are logged for up to two weeks as of right now. Detailed hourly & daily data for block breaks is stored for up to two weeks as well, but total counts are stored stored for as long as you have an account with us. In the future, we will offer paid plans that will allow you to store and access more data.

    What information is collected by the Fishstats plugin?
    At this time, the plugin collects the following: player username, player IP, connection time, disconnect time, each block broken, any chat sent on the server, any command issued on the server. This information is stored in our secure database and is only used on the Fishstats site for displaying information to server owners. At no time are player IPs ever visible to the public through our site, and they are not available to server administrators at this time.

    Is the Fishstats plugin lightweight?
    The plugin was built from the ground up by Deathmarine to be lightweight, and robust. You will hardly notice that it is running. Be aware that the plugin makes connections to our server, so there will be extra bandwidth usage with the use of this plugin. The usage should be negligible to most servers, and will rarely be a problem if your server has an adequate amount of bandwidth.

    Why can I not get my server to verify?
    Some users have encountered errors where they are unable to verify their server by updating the MOTD. The most common issue is that the server was not properly restarted after the MOTD was changed. Another common issue is that the server firewall is preventing our site from connecting. Please also check and make sure that enable-query is set to true in your server.properties.

    Do you sell any information you collect?

    No, we do not. You can view our entire privacy policy over on our site by clicking here.

    Pictures or GTFO:



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    It's so.. beautiful :D
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    The frontend looks gorgeous.

    The backend doesn't.
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    "Welcome to Fishstats Alpha 0.1.0! Fishstats is our brand new system geared towards server admins to help them better monitor their serber."

    fix fix :D
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    Looking forward to seeing what this looks like in the future.
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    Nice site and plugin fish :)
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    What do you mean?

    Didn't you hear? Servers are the new hit thing, forget servers!
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    Fishfish0001 i guess you meant serber is the new hit thing :D. No i didn't hear :(
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    Dat frontend :O
    Make one for my Stats plugin? <3
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    Heh, thanks :p It is actually a little Login theme I found awhile back that I modified to work as a site.

    Can't please everyone. :)


    That's right! Fishstats includes a web-based permissions system. Tired of having to update what you want logged in a text file, and then having to reboot for it to take effect? So are we. Simply edit your file configuration the first time, and tell it to use web-based permissions! After that all you have to do it flick a switch in the control panel, hit update, and boom, new things are being logged, or being skipped!

    GeoIP systems are being put in place right now, and when the Fishstats plugin is released it will become available! Also, we are working on a new system called Alt-X that will be built into Fishstats. Tired of having people come onto your server with alternate accounts that they find online? So are we! While this problem isn't especially huge anymore, we are still dedicated to making sure that those few times it does happen, never make it past the login screen. I will provide more details when they are available, but Alt-X is not just a simple IP based alternate checker. Instead, it will use algorithms to ensure that accounts aren't flagged simply for having a dynamic IP that belonged to someone else.

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    Rolled out some updates today, viewable on the Fishbans topic.

    I am also working on the Fishstats API which should be coming out fairly soon. Those of you with active accounts can view the changes, and see the new web interface for updating permissions. Feel free to play with it, nothing will happen since there is no plugin yet.

    Please let me know if you find any bugs in the system, I want to make sure they get smashed as quickly as possible!
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    Bug? I can't seem to view/see anything on the site:
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    What page is that on bobacadodl

    Edit: Do-uh. I cannot replicate that issue on my end, I will look into it though. Appears it is trying to connect through an old class file.

    Edit2: Found bug, preparing fix.
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    Hope its ready soon :) I'm really interested in this.

    About the bug: It appears on all pages, right after I log in I get that screen and none of the left menu buttons work, except the ones under the "Other" category.
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    I fixed it, missed a small part of one of the scripts. Should be working fine now. :)

    Edit: None of the sidebar buttons work because servers & accounts have to be verified first before we can let you use any of the features. Once that happens it will work fine. Make sure you are running with the Fishchecker plugin, otherwise nothing cool will show up under COnnections. Nothing else will show up in stats because we don't have a plugin ready quite yet, but you can look around until then.
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    Is this heavy on the CPU load?
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    We do not currently have a plugin out there yet, so I can't comment on that, but we will make sure that it does not impact performance in any way. :)
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    The server verifier isn't working for me. I've updated my MOTD in the server.properties file, yet it will not verify. I've confirmed my server IP and port.
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    I will look into it, thanks for the bug report!

    Edit: mechman991 please open up your firewall to allow incoming connections from the Fishbans website. It appears you are blocking them.

    [24-Jan-2013 11:27:13 America/New_York] PHP Warning: unable to connect to tcp://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:##### (Connection refused)
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    My IP address on the server changed while I was signing up for Fishstats. It's possible that may be the cause of the issues.
    The new IP address is . Can you verify that is what your website is still showing?
  22. So this thing is collecting all your players moving profile (ip + connection times) :).
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    Found a typo.


    According to Sushi if its not python then its not gorgeous.

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    You should be able to update the server IP yourself in the panel.
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    Fishstats seems to be getting quite a few new servers signing up for the service. We are working to roll out the necessary API updates and plugins to get it fully working for servers.

    Please continue to let me know of any problems that crop up, and any suggestions you might have.
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    Fishfish0001 is Fishstats plugin available I can't seem to find it.
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    Sorry, late reply, didn't get a notification. The plugin is still being created by nasonfish, but hopefully a basic one will be available soon. The Fishstats API currently has player connections and disconnections, along with block logging built, so when the plugin is ready and supporting that it will be posted on here.
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    How does it know all this without the plugin?
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    There shouldn't be any data showing up right now. The data on the connections tab before was from what we had logged in our system.
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    Just a little heads up that the Fishstats plugin has broken ground! You can fork it on Github, over at https://github.com/DaneEveritt/fishstats. The plugin is 100% open source, and you can do what you please with it. We welcome any contributions to the plugin, but you may want to hop in the IRC channel on irc.esper.net (#fishbans) to talk to the people currently working on it and find out what you can help with.

    As I continue to add functions to the Web API, they will show up in http://docs.fishbans.com, so keep an eye on that. it includes all the information needed to create your own plugin.

    Special thanks to nasonfish, Deathmarine, Superkabii, and Iaccidentally for their help with this plugin!

    (Note: this plugin is brand new, and is by no means finished at all.)
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