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    You can already have items hidden that are already purchased so that upgrades are possible. Use the cumulative purchase option.
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    We added a new feature 'Who can't view this item' in item admin. This will allow you to solve this issue.
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    Add option to:
    "If user purchased the item already, then the item is free."
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    Feature Request

    Database and have a warn system of previous users who have performed chargebacks on other communities, as sometimes this can be devistating for server owners when a week later after the money has been allocated to funding, someone flips around and abuses the PayPal or Credit card claims service and wins the case in an attempt to scam for their money back.
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    Please add an option in the online store to set a payment limit in a certain time frame.

    IE: If I set this limit to $200 per month, no one is able to spend over $200 in the store.

    It's useful for making sure people don't use unauthorized payments and spending $1000's and then charging it all back.
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    PLEASE add stripe and if you are when will it be done.
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    perfect plugin!
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    Feature Request
    Make it possible to have the goal bar display a 'lifetime' goal instead of daily, monthly or annually.
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    9 New DonationCraft Features Released!

    1.New Payment Gateway: Stripe


    2.Price Offset for each Gateway
    You can now add a gateway fee to specific gateways.
    This also means you can add a discount to any gateway, be sure to use minus mark!
    Methods you can choose from the drop-down:
    • None
    • Amount
    • Percentage
    • Amount & Percentage

    3.Add tags on item expiration
    In your DonationCraft item settings, you can now automatically add tags on item expiration.


    4.Date selection for manual payments
    You can now select a custom future date for manual payments.


    5.Tag notifier recipients for private message
    You can now send notifications to specific user tags when an item is purchased.


    6.Require users to fill in personal details on checkout
    In your DonationCraft general settings, you will now find a new check box:
    • Require the customer to enter their name, email and billing address before donating
    Enabling this will have multiple input boxes show up on the checkout page asking your customer to enter their personal details.


    7.New sections on payment exports
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email address Name
    • Country
    8.New variables for Notifier settings
    • {Personal_Name}
    • {Personal_Address}
    • {Personal_Email_Address}
    • {Personal_Country}
    9.Added more currency types
    • Turkish Lira
    • South African Rand
    • Bulgarian Lev
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    Would it be possible to disable notifications for points based purchases but still have then for regular gateway purchases?
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    People should be able to upgrade ranks if they say buy a 10$ rank then want to upgrade their rank to something else it costs less because they already bought a rank.
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    2 Suggestions:

    [1] For credits, could you make it so you can purchase a 'mystery item' of sorts that had a list of items it would choose once you purchased it. Here's what I mean:

    Mystery Package cost 10 Credits:
    When you buy it, it will randomly pick a command(s) to run (it would be cool if you add a percentage chance to each item) So for example,

    1 Apple - 20%
    1 Diamond - 5%
    10 Dirt - 50%
    3 Diamond - 1%
    5 Iron - 4%
    1 Cake - 20%

    So basically, you would buy the 'Mystery Package' and it would pick one of those string of commands to run (based on the percentages assigned with each) and would reward the player in game with whatever they got.

    [2] Add a "Fortune Wheel Module" (for maybe like advanced websites?) that has a picture of a pretty wheel etc with certain rewards on each (configurable)

    Every 'x' amount of (hours/days), the user could be given 'x' amount of free spins to win credits (maybe even a rank?) from the wheel. Also, you should be able to make it so users could spend credits to spin (with the hope of getting more)
    This could get tricky though, if people kept making accounts to keep getting free spins, so maybe add a limit per IP? Not sure, just think it could be a fun addition to a website.

    Hope you consider these ideas!
  14. So, what I'm doing is if you vote for my server on our lists, then you receive in game money per site.
    If you vote 15 times then you receive a "Voter" rank for 30 day.

    The problem is, after these 30 days it runs the command "/manuadd {name} member". If someone decides to buy a rank from the server during those 30 days, they would be demoted at the end. Can we make exceptions for demotions? So a vip or mod would not get demoted, but if they still have the voter rank they will be?

    Also, can I prevent mods, admins and my rank from changing when I vote after those 15 times? It would be a huge hassle to have to fix my staff's ranks every 15 times they vote [​IMG]

    How can I prevent this? Can you all fix this if there isn't already a way?

    Posted http://www.enjin.com/forums/m/10826...dule-preventing-donor-demotion/post/last#last also

    I like it, this should be a feature, atleast #1 :D

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    6 More DonationCraft Features Released!

    1. Spending Limits

    In your DonationCraft general settings, you will now find a new setting:Spending limit
    Using this feature, you can set the maximum amount a user can spend in a specific period.


    2. Total Sum & Points spent
    On the payment log, you will notice a small update:

    Total filtered sum and Total points spent
    These will show up to the bottom of your payment log. The totals are filtered by the Date selection and the Search box filter.


    3. Coupons & Affiliate Tracking
    1. You can now use 0% discount coupons. These are great for tracking purposes, without discounting anything.
    2. Coupon names can now be clicked on. Doing this will bring you to the Payments tab with the coupon code entered into the search filter automatically.
    3. Give users tracking urls to apply discount coupons on carts. Once a coupon is made, edit the coupon again to find the tracking URL.
    4. Recommended Items via coupons

    You can choose any shop items you created from this drop-down. Doing this will automatically get the other shop items to show as recommended on your cart checkout section when the specific coupon is used on the cart.


    4. Recommended Items
    In your DC shop item editor. You'll find a new drop-down:Recommend other items if this item is added to cart
    You can choose any shop items you created from this drop-down. Doing this will automatically get the other shop items to show as recommended on your cart checkout section when the specific shop item is added to cart.


    5. Free cart limit
    In general settings. We've added the checkbox:Enable free cart limit
    You can choose the amount of hours a user needs to wait till the user is able to checkout with free item(s) again.


    6. Statistics Point Mode
    On the statistics page you can now toggle between Money Statistics & Point Statistics

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    I would love a system to give mass discounts. So for example if a user buys 3 months of gold vip membership, he will automatically get a 5% discount on the total purchase. This could possibly be achieved by auto applying coupons when a certain criteria is fulfilled.
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    Can you please add a way to implement this into your own site?
    I really love it, but i want more features from buycraft.. namely the website integration!

    Please Please
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    Whats the ETA on the integration for non-enjin websites? Like embedding the store into actual websites? You you all hinted/said that you were going to do sometime in the future...

    Great work!

    Giftcards! Owners can create giftcard codes, and give to a player. Lets say its a $25 "giftcard" (Its really just a code) and they spend $10 of it, they can use the code again for another purchace and use the remaining $15. In the future, you could add an item in the store where someone could buy the coupon code for a friend and enter in the friends email to mail the code to. But just for now, I would want the power to just make giftcards and distribute them.

    Allow for more than one code per transaction, and allow us to edit the coupons more. When we want a coupon (lets say 50% off), that can not have other coupon codes with it, we can make it so only that coupon can be used, and we can edit coupons so they can be used along with other coupons, or with specific coupons only. Confusing but necessary.

    Recurring commands. This is so someone can pay $10 dollars a month for an item, such as one called "Pay Day", and every 24 hours, it runs a command such as "/economy add {player} 200" so every 24 hours console gives {player} $200. This would also work for somthing like "/give {player} diamond 20" if they have a plugin that allows offline inventory editing.

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    Me gusta :D
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    I would like to request a pretty simple feature for the donation store.

    Say for example that you want to buy a VIP for one week, you wont be able to buy it during the time you have the you have the VIP rank, you can fix this by adding changing which groups that can see that item, but in my case, i have a playershops system on the server, its 26 playershops, which you will be able to buy for either points or money and you can buy a shop for a week. This will result in 26 diffrent classes since each shop is unique, and i dont want to have other players buying a shop which is already brought on the website. And the last thing is important as well, that ONE player can only buy that item, so if the item is brought on the website, no one els will be able to so that item for sale.

    So what does this request need?
    Well its pretty straight forward.
    In the donation store, when you're administrate an item, you will be able to change 2 things.
    1. "X players can buy this item" (leaving x blank, it will be unlimited)
    2. "This item can only be brought X-times on Y days" (leaving the x and y blank, it will be unlimited)

    And if you ignore my example and take another example, you can have this as maybe a super rank, which only one player can buy each week, moth, etc. Or if you have a super deal in the server, and you want that deal to be special, only, say 5 players can buy this, and then it will get removed/hidden.
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    I would recommend adding PaySafeCard as a payment method for the store. Many players have been receiving these cards as gifts in many countries including the U.S. and are becoming rather popular. Problem is, they are turned down when they find that they cannot spend them on their favorite Minecraft server. PaySafeCard is already used in many online games such as League of Legends. Would be great if it was an option in the Minecraft world as well.
  22. Request
    I would like to request the ability to disable /buy from enjin's part.
    I want to be able to use buycraft's rank features, because I like their shop setup more, however I want to still be able to have enjin as my main website and for voting/forums, as multiple servers do. If I could just find a way to disable /buy in the config or something, but not completely block the command so its still able to be used for buycraft?

    Or would someone be willing to make an addon for this, to disable /buy from enjin but not from buycraft? Unless of course, theres already a way to get buycraft to override enjin on /buy?
    If someone could help me, that'd be great

    Edit2:Use iframe for implementing buycraft onto your site, it did wonders :) a lot of trial and error however
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    Add the ability for users to purchase their own coupons to give out. This would go along with the giftcard option mentioned above. If someone wants to be generous and run a promotion where they offer 30% off ranks they should be able to purchase that.
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    Server can run commands after certain people have spent a certain amount so lets sat at when a person spends $50 overall the runs command assuming ur using group manager /manuaddp {name} essentials.fly giving him /fly this would be a cool feature to add :D
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    im trying to run the command to give someone a suffix of &5<3 but it keeps removing the < why cant i use this character?
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    Nick Hooper


    The ability for expiry's to be less than a day.
    Example: Server wide Bonus XP mode for 15 minutes!

    Global expiry that gets extended by all players.
    Example: Every time a player buys the server wide Bonus XP mode the expiry gets stacked with other players expiry's who have previously purchased it.

    Example: player1 and player2 both have purchased server wide bonus xp mode that lasts 15 minutes. The expiry time stacks between the two of them totaling of 30 minutes of server wide bonus xp mode time.

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    Feature Request:

    For the subscription, can u make it so they are able to input any amount they want instead of a set amount?

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    This is sort of like what Dab said but i want people to be able to choose how much they want to donate instead of it being a set price. Also it would be nice if you could set a minimum donation price so they can't just donate like $0.01 and get all the rank.
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    Have expiry options for less then days. Like expire a perk in an hour. Thanks :D
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    Nick Hooper

    Coupons that can only be used by a specific group?

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