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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by craftpanel, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Web Interface Framework
    In the past CraftPanel project has been paused for personal reasons. But we could not leave Bukkit community with nothing. So we decided to launch the CraftPanel framework for the community to build their own CraftPanel Version.
    How it works!?

    Like CakePHP, CraftCom works with Controllers, Models, Libs, Plugins and Views. However it is specifically set up to work with Minecraft (Bukkit) Server Administration.

    The framework is 100% made by CraftPanel Team (no cake, no code ignite, no zend...just CraftCom) and is very simple to use for those already familiar with MVC.

    So each one will set up its own panel?
    Just if you want to! CraftCom comes with premade plugins that allows basic management of the servers.
    You can change the entire structure of the plugins or create your own plugins and share them with CraftCloud or directly in the forums (zipped method).
    You can also create your own CraftCom release.​
    Framework Structure (18/01/2012 UPDATE!)
    During the craftpanel programming we spent 2 months studying and formulating the directory structure.​
    Familiar Conventions
    Work just like CakePHP:
    • MySQL Tables: Lower Case / Plural (e.g users)
    • Models: Lower Case / First Letter Capital / Singular (e.g User)
    • Controllers: Controller Append / Plural (e.g UsersController)
    • Views: Plural / Singular Action (e.g users/add.php)
    --> Works under MIT License <--
    Development Track
    18/01/2012 - Controller Structure and Test
    We are doing the final tests with the Controller Structure and CraftController default class. So far everything seems to be great. =)​
    class HelloworldController extends CraftController
        public function 
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