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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Hedgehog, Jun 14, 2011.

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    A http server that sends json on request.
    My idea with this plugin is to give a unviversal interface to a bukkit server. This gives admins a possibility to access the server remotely.

    github: https://github.com/Nandi/BukkitSocketServer

    There is a readme file that explanes how it all works.

    Current commands:
    Player list
    Player(s) inventory
    Read the console
    Plugin list
    Kick/ban player(s)

    Planed commands:
    Broadcast messages
    Send wisper
    Set time
    Use commands
    Give items
    Set weather
    Edit plugins config files

    Ofcourse this is just half job, the other half is the connection to the server and how to process the information. I am going to make a php admin panal, but anyone could make an interface.

    Here is some test php
    $url "http://localhost";
    $port "1234";
    $user "admin";
    $pass "admin";

    $query = array("get"=>"token""user"=>$user"pass"=>openssl_digest($pass'sha512'));
    //Use this if you dont have openssl
    //$query = array("get"=>"token", "user"=>$user, "pass"=>hash("sha512", $pass));
    $token "";

    $path $url.":".$port."/index.html?".http_build_query($query);
    $obj getJson($path);
    $token $obj->token;


    $query = array("get"=>"playerInventory""name"=>"Hedgehog_""token"=>$token);

    $path $url.":".$port."/?".http_build_query($query);
    $obj getJson($path);


    $content file_get_contents($path);
    $content != null){
    I would appreciate some testing and feedback.
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    Hehe, looks like I didnt do enough research before starting this after all, I guess this means I will not be continuing this project since JSONAPI is a better alternative.
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