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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by cjfchris1, Jun 7, 2013.

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    I Want To Turn Rain Off Forever It Lags My Server So I Would Like To Have An Updated Plugin To Fix This
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    cjfchris1 Not sure but maybe worldguard has an option for this
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    This actually annoys me too, so I'll look into it after I eat my lunch and get back to ya XD
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    There's a plugin called 'seasons' that can control weather. :D
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    If you're still interested I just threw this together for my own server and made the project page etc. Neither project or file have been approved so here are the links to both;

    Project - File

    Hope it's what you're after, if you need more control as said previously there are a few plugins out there. I personally just wanted to prevent rain and that's all.
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    This is exactly What I Want Hopefully I Can Download It Soon! If You Want You Can Join
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    No worries, both project and first version have been approved, should be able to download it now and test it out with no problems. I have it running on my server right now and so far *touch wood* I haven't encountered rain.

    Cheers, I may pop on and look around later. :)
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